The Matilija Creek is an important river in Ventura County, California. The Ventura River connects to North Fork Matilija Creek. We welcome you to Matilija Junior High, where our goal is to enrich and promote students' achievements. There will be an easy stream crossing in half a mile, followed by a crossing of the larger Matilija Creek. On Coulter's Matilija Poppy (Romneya coulteri).

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The Matilija embankment is a 1947 finished arched steel construction embankment. Developed for retention and protection against floods, it confiscates Matilija Creek to build the Matilija Reserve in Los Padres National Forest, just south of the Matilija Wilderness and just to the north of Ojai, California. Catchment area above the lake is 55 sq. km, and the lake had an initial total of 7,018 acre?ft (0.008657 km3).[1] Matilija Creek continues to flow and becomes the major inflow of the Ventura River.

It also began to become muddy, with the result that the sand filled up the shores 17 leagues down river[6] The embankment was carved after its condemnation in 1965 (the amount of the embankment was reduced) and then carved again in 1977. Considering the diminished storage tank capacities and the loss due to deposition, the storage tank should be fully muddy by 2020.

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