Matilda Cook

Mathilda Cook

Mattie (Matilda) Cook in Fever, 1793 Matilda "Mattie" Cook, 14, is the main figure in a young novel for adults. That means that during the fever year 1793 she will become of full-aged, search for her own personality and learn what it means to be an adulthood. Matilda is a little different from other young grown-up characters, though she is just an average adolescent, the conditions under which she finds herself are very unusual.

Mattilda grows up in a critical moment - the 1793 catastrophic catarrhal catarrh algea. It is an extremely difficult scene, and to react to it Matilda has to mature very, very quickly. Let us take a look at Matilda's evolution during the course of the eruption of Aids.

Mathilda goes through a series of phases, each of which is important for her development ('um, that is, her maturing process). Matilda is quite selfish before everyone around her dies. Matilda also always has her mind in the sky, and she always dreamed of hovering out of her family's jail, similar to Blanchard in his hot-air baloon (1.28).

Anyone who has ever been fourteen years old can refer to these fears, but of course everyone who is over fourteen years old knows that Matilda still has a very long way to go. When the Philadelphia temperature takes its toll, Matilda's lifestyle changes for the worse. What do you mean?

Then she comes back with a case of jaundice herself! Unnecessarily to say that these Matilda experience cause severe pains and sufferings on a profound and individual as well. One could say that Matilda falls prey to every possible way to it. When Mattie reunites with Eliza, she learns to look after other human beings.

She also begins to work with Eliza and the Free African Society to help restore the welfare of the Philadelphia population. and she' s no longer a casualty of the temperature outbreak. She started the novel as a dreamy (and maybe a little weaker), but in the end she realizes her dream with the heroes.

She has recognized what is really important to her - her familiy, for the beginning, and also to make things better for others. When the novel ends, Matilda teamed up with Eliza to run the coffee house. As Matilda Mothers return home, it is clear that Matilda is now the company leader - and the whole team.

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