French for "quilted" or "upholstered", Matelassé refers to quilted textiles when used with fabric. The Matelassé blankets give any bedding set a light layer of warmth and texture. Store matelassé blankets in a variety of patterns and colors. The Matelassé is a good way to complete the top of your bed.

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matelassa weave. ST509, Matelassé (French: Matlase) is a weave or embroidery technology that produces a stitched or upholstered pattern[1] Matelassé can be made by handmade, on a jet quilt or a sewing lathe. It' a thick, dense cloth that seems to be upholstered, but actually has no upholstery in the stuff.

"Sheer bedspreads."

So what's Matelasse Cotton?

Mateleasse ( "pronounced matt-le-say") is a popular expression for cushioned, fed or stitched. This is used to describe what seems to be quilting but is not a stitch. The jacquard loom is most commonly used in the production of Matelasse weaves, where the most commonly used materials are those used for the specific weave that gives the weave its characteristic appearance.

Special weaving machines used in the production of Matelasse wool give the material a distinctive look with elaborate design that has turned it into a top seller. Although not stitched, Matelasse materials are made with sublime pattern, recesses and the upholstered look often associated with them. It is used for making duvets, blankets, duvets, duvets and other home accessories.

The Matelasse fabric is to introduce a truly traditional Viennese look to houses containing jacquard weavings. This Matelasse articles resemble the hand-sewn quilted blankets made in France in the seventeenth cent. Dedicated washing processes are necessary to guarantee the durability of your Matelasse-cottonware.

Luxurious materials such as 100% cotton matting from Egypt are all naturally and can be shrunk or broken if washed in washing machines and tumble-driers. We recommend using a professionally formulated cleaning agent that has experience with special tissues. Made of Matelasse not only for bed linen and home accessories, but also for clothes by Dolce & Gabbana, Ellen Tracy and Michael Kors.

In 1801 a Frenchman by the name of Joseph Marie Jacquard created the loom for the production of Matelasse cottons. His method is still used today for the production of Matelasse materials, which could otherwise only be sewn by handwork and manufactured by committed employees. This is Dobby Fabric. What is it?

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