Massage Myanmar Yangon

Myanmar Yangon Massage

If you are visiting Yangon, you really need to take some time for a massage. Explore the massage in Yangon with the help of your friends. Exhilarating massage and spa, Yangon (Rangoon): Try it, you won't find a better massage in Yangon. Ayurveda massage is an Asian speciality.

2018 Yangon Gay Massage Spa Guide - Ratings, Pictures, Maps

Do you need to be spoiled by a Myanmar muscle massager? The Yangon has a surprise number of gay-friendly massage-spas for men. This is a famous men's exclusive fashion shop and hairdressing saloon. The performance spectrum ranges from Hairstyling over the bodymassage up to the Fu├čreflexzonenmassage. Yangon's gay-owned, gay-friendly men's and women's Yangon gynaecological treatment by well-trained professionals.

The D Spas offer Thai massage, olive massage, aroma therapy, facial treatment, face and bodily treatment (peeling, masks and cleansing), massage of the feet, manicure/pedicure, intimate saunas and growth. High quality Yangon Sanchaung Municipality Spas and Wellness Area. Pro Skin Face Spas & Aesthetic Center is gay-friendly and provides men's and women's health, fitness, beauty, wellness and wellness services.

Yangon men's saloon and massage spas. Bodyguard's good-looking employees are well educated, service-oriented and qualified. Servicepackages are tailored to your needs. Cosy hairdresser's & spas with a contemporary ambience and varied surroundings. The Yangon Hairdryer & Wellness is a one-stop store for your massage, oils, body peeling, facials, hairstyle and all your needs.

Man-to-person massage services in downtown Yangon. Yangon New Men's Massage Spo. The Avocado range includes oils, peelings and more at affordable rates. The LIME Spas is a men's Yangon Balloon & Massage Spas (since 2013).

Our range of massage products includes massage (Thai, Swedish, aromatic oil), reflex zone massage, peeling, haircut and more. Yangon gay-owned spas with hotels. The treatment is carried out in a 100% privat room with its own bath and hot/cold running waters. The HAVEN is a massage spas for men by well-trained masculine practitioners in Yangon.

Our range of treatments includes Burmese / Thai massage, dried / massage with oils, peelings. Yangon men's massage and massage with oils.

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