It is a city on the Baram River in the Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Explore Marudi, Sarawak with the help of your friends. Sat photo of Marudi, Malaysia and nearby destinations.

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It is a city on the Baram River in the Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a tranquil city in the interior of Miri, similar in stature to Kapit, but far less bustling. His major draw is another of Brooke's outskirts, the beige-colored Fort Trousers. Prior to the establishment of Miri, Marudi was the administration center of the north of Sarawak.

Marudi, a city on a small riverside about 100 km from Kuala Baram, is the biggest city in the thinly settled Baram area. In the past Marudi was a springboard to the famous touristic place Gunung Mulu National Park. Pioneers traveled first from Miri to Marudi and then from the riverbank on long rafts through a few adventure-packed canals, before they reached Mulu.

As a small Mulu airfield is completed, most travellers choose to take Twin Otters from MASwings of Malaysia Airlines directly from Miri airfield. In 1868 Charles Brooke succeeds James Brooke as the new Rajah of Sarawak. Sarawak's 4th Sarawak branch was immediately established with the arrival of Mamerto George Gueritz as the division's first resident.

In 1883 a fortress was erected in Marudi, 43 km from Miri [4]: it was given the name Claudetown in honor of Claude Champion de Crespigny, resident of the third department, when he passed away in 1884, and became the administration center of the team. In 1891 Charles Hose became a resident of the Baram District and the fortress in Marudi was changed to "Fort Hose".

In April 1899, to re-establish tranquility between different indigenous peoples struggling in the Baram area, Charles Hose resolved to organize a peaceful meeting in his fortress, immediately after a challenging but prosperous trip to the Madangs inside Baram (at the base of the Mudong Alan Lata Riviera, also known as the Data Riviera (a creek of the Silat River)).

In 1912, the Resident Office relocated from Marudi to Miri after fast progress in the production of crude in Miri. The Marudi airport (MUR) is located in the city. There are up to nine flights a day to Miri, serving Bario, Long Banga, Long Lellang, Long Akah and Long Seridan.

Marudi-Kuala Baram ferries ran regular in the mornings and early afternoons until the highway between Miri and Marudi was cobbled. There is only one rowboat in operation since then and it gets out of Miri early in the mornings. Taxi services from Kuala Baram to Miri. Expedited vessels stop services since June 1, 2015.

Now Marudi has a connecting street to Miri, which only takes about 1.5 h to get to Miri City. Sungai Baram, Ridan, has another boat to catch. 100 to RM1. 00 each way, after the Chief Minister of Sarawak in April 2015 in Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak had made known.

The Baram Regional Museum in Marudi (formerly known as Fort Hose). Marudi Kueh Tiaw is the most popular meal in Marudi. It' to be found in every Chinese restaurant in Marudi Town. Marudi Kueh Tiaw has a different taste than Kueh Tiaw in Malaysia, also because it is thinner.

The Marudi Handmade Bread is also a must in Marudi, it can be found in the Ah Pong Cafe, right next to Marudi City Square. As Marudi is a city by the riverbank, you can discover many different kinds of freshwater fisher. Marudi's most popular freshwater foods are Belidah fishballs, tapah fishs, tutu fishs and the famed Bighead prawns (Udang Galah).

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