Martha Brae River Rafting

Rafting Martha Brae River

That was a great, relaxing raft trip along the mountain side. To see and to see the long history of the river was very interesting. This raft trip takes about an hour over a three-mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River. Rafting tours on the Martha Brae River can be left behind on the island time. Lean back and relax in your personal raft as your captain skilfully navigates the jade-green waters of the Martha Brae River.

Mártha Brae River (Montego Bay) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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Top 5 Martha Brae River Tours & Tickets 2018 - Montego Bay

Martha Brae River, a 32 km long blue waters meandering through the Jamaican rainforests, is an important stop for those who love the outdoors. Although the river is primarily a stop-over for a fast rafting excursion, its first-class position close to other outdoor activities and its great variety of wild animals makes it a rewarding supplement to any Jamaica holiday.

White-water rafting on the Martha Brae River can be left behind on the Islet Age. Get on a classic shark boat to take a quiet trip under the guidance of skippers who use long stems of shore shark canoeing and steering so that you can concentrate on the rich gamelife.

If you want a more energetic excursion, take a rafting tour and visit some of the nearest sights such as Luminous Lagoon, rinsed with bio-luminescent plankton that makes the waters light up at dusk, or the rock climb course and scenic waterslide at Dunn's River Falls. The majority of our trips includes refreshment, lunches and roundtrips.

Martha Brae River is a must for those who love the outdoors. The Luminous Lagoon is best seen after nightfall, so if you want to see both at once, you should schedule a launch in the afternoons. Martha Brae River rafting trips provide a personal and romantically relaxing time. Situated at the embark point in Rafter's Village, Miss Martha's herb garden offers a fast but educational stopover to explore the ancient healing and cooking plants of the Caribe.

Falmouth is the nearest to the source of Martha Brae and is only three kilometres (four miles) away. Jamaica's year-round hot weather makes it simple to schedule a journey at any time of year, except from May and October to November, which are rainy and stormy.

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