Stats for the Gulf of Mottama (Martaban). martipan glass After the seaport of Martin on the Andaman Sea on the south shore of Myanmar, the most likely source of this area. Featuring a deep bay glazing, the paddle-whipped turns just below the top and the gliding traces, this item tried to imitate metallic pieces of that time.

They have a heritage that goes back at least to the fourteenth centuries, even though ceramic glazes were already made in the area in the eleventh cent.

Twenty-seven Martaban Crescent, Point Cook, Vic 3030

Situated in the sought-after Kingsford Estate, this stunning four-bedroom house has a uniquely advanced advantage that you won't find in many Point Cook homes and facilities that underline the house's luxurious and vibrant style. Easy acces to great shopping centres, Featherbrook Shopping Centre, Featherbrook Reserve, Hargrave Park and Princes Freeway.

Surprisingly spacious main lounge and eating area offers more room than you can imagine, with a lovely brick built in galley offering a breakfastbar, a design suspended light, a walk-in larder and high-grade storage units with a 900 mm hob and stove. There is a large main room with a walk-in wardrobe and a twin washbasin, while three other rooms have BER.

Jacuzzi with two secluded garages, main bathrooms with seperate washroom, utility room with outside entrance, channel heater, evaporation chill. Five Gallant Road, Point Cook.

Non-governmental organizations demand listings for the Gulf of Martaban

Local NGOs are planning to influence the new administration to put 40,000 acres of the Bay of Martaban on an unsustainable socialism position. Should the project succeed, the Bay would become the second site in Myanmar to receive protection under the Ramsar Convention's Wetlands of World Importance designation, said U Soe Nyunt, director of the Myanmar Birds and Nature Society, on 6 February at a Yangon celebration to commemorate the fortieth jubilee of World Wetlands Day.

The protection of the area, which includes parts of the Yangon and Bago areas and the Mon state around the estuary of the Sittoung River, is important to ensure the viability of the threatened Spectacled Stint, said Simba Chan, BirdLife International's Asia Division Sr. "The Golf is the most important hibernation site for the dying spoon-billed Stint.

This is one of the most important coastlines in Myanmar[and] probably also in Asia. Hopefully we can help the Myanmar administration to investigate the area' s governance and identify it as a Ramsar area," he said at the rally. Between 2008 and 2010, BirdLife International and the Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) carried out a collaborative research on the Gulf of Martaban, which focused in particular on areas where the Spoonbill Stinters hibernate.

It was found that the Golf assists "endangered, threatened or critical threatened species", among them 50-70 scoop sand runners and 36 types of waders, some of which are threatened or threatened. Dr. Htin Hla, President of SANCA, said that the Martaban Bay met eight out of nine Ramsar criterions and the last point - the importance of wetlands for other wildlife, as well as snake, frog and pelagic - would need further research.

Ten Myanmar locations fulfil the Ramsar permit requirements to be listed as internationally important wetland areas, Mr Chan said, but only the Moeyungyi Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Waw and Bago Region is currently on the listing. Ramsar Convention is an agreement signed in 1971 in the town of Ramsar in Iran on the preservation and sustainability of marshlands.

Burma became a party to the November 2004 Covenant.

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