Martin-Definition, a bay of Bengal, in Burma. The best known of these port products are Martaban and Swatow. and Martaban Photo from the Curzon collection of Crow Island and Martaban in Burma (Myanmar), taken by Watts and Skeen in the 1890s. The Crow Island is one of several islets in the Salween Sea (Thanlwin), where it encounters the Gulf of Martaban (Mottama) on the southeast Burmese coastline. This is where the stream flows into a wide, flat watercourse with the Martaban Highlands on the northern shore and the city of Moulmein (Mawlamyaing) to the South.

From 1827-52, Moulmein was the capital of British Burma. Towers of a cloister and a cloister on the isle rise amidst the greenery that covers the isle.

Martibaan from the riverbank

Photo of Martaban, in Burma (Myanmar), taken by Philip Adolphe Klier in the 1890s. Mottama is located on the northern shore of the Salween River (Thanlwin), where it encounters the Gulf of Mottama on the southeast Burmese coastline. Today a small city, it is said to have been established in the sixth c. A.D. and to have been the capitol of a mighty empire.

She was appreciated by Arabian as well as Western dealers for her potteries, especially for the large enamelled "Martaban glasses". Mawlamyaing, the opposite shore is the British Burma colony city of Moulmein (Mawlamyaing), which was the main city of British Burma in the first half of the nineteenth cen. This is where the stream flows into a wide, flat canal.

Overlooking the Salween, this is Martaban with several marble palagodas at the foot of a heap.

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