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Its name Marrakech comes from the Amazigh (Berber) words mur (n) wakush, which means "land of God". Marrakesh 2018: Marrakech Best of, Morocco Tourism Marrakech is a magic place full of fairs, parks, palaces as well as the mosque. Explore the inner patios and snake alleys of the historical medina for a whole full stop. Enjoy inner tranquillity in the quiet Jardin Majorelle or enjoy the beautiful scenery of one of the city's historical monuments (note that if you are not a Moslem, you must not enter).

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Ten things you should know before going to Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is a place travellers either adore or dislike. Marrakech I like. Actually, I've been in Marrakech since my first trip and I still have the feeling that I have to come back to do more. Before you go to Marrakech, get my advice and things to prevent disappointment.

Hopefully you'll be as much in love with this town as I am. Although you only have one Marrakech week-end. Prior to arriving in Marrakech, I would check the meteorological forecasts three times and always display 18-25ยบ. I am happy that I took a jacket before I left for home because it turned out to be ice-cold in Marrakech - while my mobile still strangely shows 20 centigrade.

Marrakech is a place to leave your cards. Neither on my first nor on my second occasion have I ever received such care. Talking of natives and their kindness, there is one thing that is changing greatly in Marrakech - a significance of promises. Djemaa El Fna, the central plaza, has many different stands that sell groceries, dry fruit and walnuts, memorabilia, etc.

As I was getting some of the dating and almond with a girls from a harbor, the type cut a rate for us after we had pledged to come back the next one. I' ve got ten percent four straight time for maybe 20% of the initial prize. Dude tells me that many tourist are lying to get a good prize, but when he sees good things in sincere individuals, he doesn't care to give them as much as possible.

Unfortunately, Marrakech has a lot of taxis in it. I am frankly not astonished that they do so, as I have seen many tourist who agree with this award. If you don't contradict, you won't be able to afford a regular rate. Once it didn't work for me, but I reduced the prize to 100 Dhs, which was still too much, but at least I wasn't completely cheated.

Marrakech has many inns and luxury riads and they are all very inexpensive. On my first trip I spent the nights in a $5 a nights Waka Waka hotel, which turned out to be much more than I could have asked for this one. During my second stay with my husbands I spent the nights in a beautiful little village for only 100 dollars a day - the Sebban Palace.

Yamaa el Fna - Marrakech central place, is completely mad. Don't let that stop you from taking in the place. There, I very much liked the stands and would certainly suggest them to every one. On my first trip to Morocco I was completely fooled by a travel agent.

Morocco makes it unfeasible to change traveller's cheques. All over Marrakech there is only ONE person in a small barter shop who trades them. You' ll be laughing at me, but after having visited Marrakech twice, I still haven't been to Bahia Palace because I can never find him. clock my mideo from morocco: where can you live in marrakech?

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