the Marrakech

The Marrakech (?????

), also known as Marrakech, is one of the imperial cities of Morocco.


Every year in March, the four-day Nomad Festival gathers together folklore, theater, story telling and traditional arts in special tent facilities in the M' hamid area. There are also a number of outdoor events. Gnaoua and Gnaoua Festival, an ever more beloved annual festival of Gnaoua and Word Beauty Festival, holds free open day concert venues in the beautiful seaside resort of Essaouira, featuring the best of Moroccan Gnaoua culture and free of charge concert venues of internationally acclaimed Gnaoua musicians, presenting world-class artists from all over the planet with appearances in a number of hotel complexes throughout the entire capital.

Every year, a feast takes place in the Dades Valley, during which around 700 tons of roses are harvested. Rosenkönigin is selected, tasty meals serve and Berber indigenous peoples are singing, dancing and playing folk songs, the only one not created by a komet.

Two times a year, Morocco's indigenous Berber peoples make an exhausting trip from the fringe of the Sahara to holy meadows in the Atlas mountain range, a route their predecessors have been following for millennia.

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Marrakesh is marching to his own rhythm. Get in the cold water by discovering the winding streets of the mediaeval mediaeval town, a walled town within a town. Pharmacists deliver medicinal herbs and heap-coloured herbs to create perfect formed sediments, while in the central plaza of Djemaa El Fna the sediments consist of people.

It'?s a Marrakech condiment stand. There is a clash between the cry of prayers and the underlying cry of cocophony, and the whole Marrakech people seem to move to Djemaa El Fna to see, be seen or photograph a cocobra hanging around their necks. Winston Churchill, UK Premier, was fascinated by Marrakesh during a visit in the 1930' and 40' and declared it "the last heaven in the world" and "the most beautiful place in the world".

TravelAdvisor members voted the Moroccan must as the world's best destination in 2015 and Fodor's, the US guide publishing house, ranked the Red City number one on its 2018 Go list, calling it "a gorgeous labyrinth of spice-scented roads full of sellers, coffee shops and secret mansions. Road performers in Djemaa El Fna.

Marrakesh is the most frequented place in Morocco, the most frequented African nation, but despite its tourism appeal, the town does not rest on its laurels. Although Marrakesh is the most popular place in Morocco, it is also the most popular place in Africa. Mai is a good season to see Marrakech, but when the intense hot weather of early summers arrives, make your way to the mountains.

Marrakesh's tourist managers are undoubtedly enthusiastic about the city's frequent appearances on the "Best of" tourist list. The old wall-enclosed town had two million visitors in 2017 - only a small percentage of the number that comes to Hong Kong every year, though enough to alert the writers of a recent World Travelling and Touring Council success story.

Marrakech may not be so overwhelmed by strangers like Venice or Barcelona, but it is at a turning point in matters of crowding and scores particularly badly in the TripAdvisor Review categories. Beggar in Djemaa El Fna. Don't let up with Djemaa El Fna either. Renting a vehicle gives you liberty, but riding on the streets of Morocco (with a pothole) can be more risky than taking a secret picture of a queer little dance artist in Djemaa El Fna.

Djemaa El Fna restaurants. Eating out at one of the stands on the Hauptplatz is part of the Marrakech adventure, although engaging in on-line activities involving grocery intoxication will convince some tourist to avoid the risks. Select a bustling stand, as the meals tend to be rather cool, and dine where the local people meet rather than where tourist are talked into sitting.

Connections from Hong Kong to Marrakech are possible with Lufthansa and Qatar Airways.

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