Market Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Market

Scott Market Yangon is actually the former name of Bogyoke Aung San Market, but it is more familiar to tourists looking for it. Burma - News - Videos - Careers - Franchise Opportunities - Fishy Tales - Inspiration - About us - Culinary Seacrets - Corporate Social Responsibility . Bogyoke Market is a beautiful colonial bazaar in central Yangon. Inexpensive restaurant in Yangon. TO EAT THE MARKET RESTAURANT ALL DAY.

There are 5 colourful stores in Yangon

Yangon's fairs provide intriguing glimpses into the city's ethnical variety, products, legacy and tradition. If you want to buy some of the best crafts or just get in touch with the natives, a stop at one of these market is a must on a journey to Yangon.

The 70-year-old market, also known as Scott Market, stretches over several floors along Bogyoke Aung San Road. It is probably the best known touristic market and a comfortable buying time. Here there are around 2,000 stores that sell everything from memorabilia to famous lacquer goods, bag-packs, dolls, house shoes and precious stones.

Theingyi Zay, one of Yangon's most colourful neighbourhoods and one of the most distinctive Asian marketplaces, should be on your Yangon route. It is not only the cuisine, but also the regional architectural style and the charm of the area. It was first established in 1905 and is the largest market in the town.

Around 1,100 stores and stands form the traditionally moist and dried market, which ranges from fisheries to dried goods and fabrics. Rice, seafood pastes, clothes, cosmetics, crude plant-based pharmaceuticals, bees wax and garden tools can be found in the stores of the current buildings as well as in the surrounding houses and avenues.

It is one of the liveliest nights markets in the town, and is unique because of the bad light, which can be anything from weak neon lamps to a few candlelights. Market begins before sundown, when folks go home. Chinatown in Yangon is located in the centre of the town to the east of Sule Pagoda.

The road runs from 18 to 24th Street and is full of people, walkers, stores and market. It is a maze of cages, stationery, handicrafts, cathedrals and even singing birds. Located just outside the vast insanity of downtown Yangon, Thiri Mingalar Market offers a range of refreshing products from all over the state.

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