Mark X car 2010

Marc X Car 2010

Toyota Mark X. Year: 2010. Brand: Toyota. Vehicle segment:. Current detailed outdoor and indoor shots of the Toyota Mark X 2010 in Singapore.

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Backwheel kit provides vibrant style and thrilling driving excitement

Featuring a low centre of mass, the Mark X combines a new 3.5-litre high-mileage version of the C6. This upmarket car's styling and handling is adapted to the sensitivity of adults and offers instant response to the driver's every need, high speed handling and comfort.

Moreover, the car's ecological credentials are at the top of its category1. Relax Selection cars' Fuelefficiency is 15% higher than 2010 levels and qualifies them for incentive and subsidy under Japan's green car tax system. Marx X's designconcept is "Glam Tech" - the combination of the car's optical "glamour" with the "high-tech" look of its contemporary and accurate haptics.

Its 1,435 mm high and 20 mm extension for width and toe give the car a low centre of mass. A 54:46 load sharing is provided by the back wheels for stability. A thickened, ergonomically designed handle on the leather-covered handlebar and leather-covered gear change contribute to a sportier riding experience.

New 3. 5-litre F6 power unit is coupled with a 6 Super ECT with a driver responsiveness and accelerations control system to deliver the generous and convenient ride characteristics of a full-size rear-wheel driven saloon. Two 5-litre 2WD 6 engines deliver excellent zero to 100 km/h in just 8 minutes.

Frictional drag reduction in the springs and increased stiffness of the arms increase manoeuvrability and ensure contactless steerability and quiet, convenient driving. Featuring adaptive variable spring system combining monotube dampers and computer-controlled damper power regulation, the sport cars offer outstanding driving characteristics, outstanding ease of use, and consistent mileage.

The rider can quickly select between the Sport, Snow and Eco riding styles, according to the riding situation, in order to steer the propulsion effort in the best possible way. A new Variable Gear Ratio System, which adjusts the front wheel angles according to the car speeds to increase steerability, is combined with optimised electrical servo guidance for excellent manoeuvrability.

Integrated Management co-ordinates powertrain output, steer age and braking to provide superior strength and enhance preventative security. Superior protection is provided by seven side air bags, SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), SRS ( "Curtain Shield") and a front passenger air bag, TractionC ( "Vehicle stability control") to minimise the front head restraint in the event of a rear-end impact and TRC (Vehicle traction control) to minimise the rotation of the wheels.

The intelligent AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) adjusts the dipped beam according to the driving angles and speeds of the car when the bend light is switched on, thus improving the view in the driving area. New Radar Cruise Monitoring System, fitted with a braking regulation feature, recognises and controls the car in front and keeps a constant cruise line corresponding to the car in front within a given area.

The uphill starting aid avoids the car to roll backwards from the brakes to the gas pedal when starting on a precipitous slope. Multiinformation screen, showing mean consumption, range and other information, provides improved visualisation using a high contrasting EL (electroluminescent bright colour display).

With a G-BOOK mX telematics-compatible HDD navigational system with built-in stereo TV tuning and control features to help the operator get in, out and at junctions, 12 loudspeakers are ideally placed to deliver audio experience similar to a real-life perform. Intelligent Positioning Assist System uses ultrasound probes mounted in front of the car to measure car parks and help the operator to drive in front of or back into a car lot by telling the operator when to turn the handlebars and where to begin reversing.

An effort has been made to increase propellant efficiencies and cut CO2 output. Two-wheeled 2.5-litre engines have a 13.0km/l5 propellant economy, while the 3.5-litre engines have one of 10. 2km/l5 and thus both at the top of their carclass1. Relax Selection two-wheel driven cars have a 15% higher propellant economy than the 2010 levels laid down in Japan's Energy Conservation Act, which qualifies them for incentive and subsidy under Japan's green car tax system.

5-litre model meets 2010 Japan requirements and is eligible6. The Eco Motor Indicator, which illuminates to indicate fuel-efficient car use, and the Eco Zone Indicator, which displays gas consumption on all vehicles, increase the driver's consciousness of eco-consciousriving. An inspection of internal parts material, manufacturing techniques and adhesive has contributed to reducing the amount of VOC such as technicaldehyde and the sometimes unpleasant odours produced by such material to a level below that of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association's VOC Testing method (for Passenger Cars), which are the industry's optional testing method.

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