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Have a look what your friends say about Marina Residence. Merry Christmas Ceremony & Happy New Year with the Christmas season in the marina. Caffè DOI CHAANG - Marina Residence Yangon. Caffé Doi Chaang - Marina Residence, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Yangon. The Marina Residence is located in Yangon.

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and the tranquillity around the motel. I would like to bring my spouse with me on my next trip to Yangon and enjoy living in this nice city. The Corolla has free WiFi throughout the grounds and provides lodging in Yangon. Myanmar Sports is situated in Yangon, only 15 minutes by car from Thuwanna YTC Stadium and Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda.

It' essentially a locals' hostel where they can take their friends. m my first overnight there were bedbugs going over the ground. old and not cute but the one i think is the town as not to reprimand motels. great position and lovely peoples. while i dont recomend them, i think its the same in most Hotels in the area.

Residence Marina (Myanmar)

No. 8, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Mayangone, This company has no ratings. The Marina Residence, is a renowned service flat in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), the perfect place to live, has come to Yangon, the only fine Italian restaurant in Yangon (Lopera). Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Kamiakura (Marina Residence)

The Kamakura Japan Restaurant was founded on August 3, 2013 and opened in the Marina Residence. It' one of the closest restaurants in Japan to Yangon International Airport and the ambience is really great, good ambience and with large parkings. Typically Japonese foods such as sushi and sashimi are the most sold and most of our clients are 60% from Japan, and 60% from Korea, China, the Philippines and Europe.

The Japanese KAMAKAURA is good for family dinners, couples, group parties or business dining and also the prices are very sensible.

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It would be a primary and pertinent option for those doing businesses in Yangon and other places in Myanmar to choose a service area. The majority of properties offering Service Flats offer 1 or 2 Bed Rooms, simple entrance to convenient amenities such as fitness studio, office, conference room, home economics, service and safety.

It is a 6-storey house around a main poolside, family-friendly, with a businesscenter, fitness room and canteen. View of the Yangon River and the Yangon University CAMP. Complete amenities such as pools, fitness room, restaurants, 24 hours safety and 24 hours receptions, commercial centre. 20-story high-rise block, good safety, playgard/room, sunbathing area, indoor and outdoor pools, store, restaurant, fitness room, indoor and outdoor area.

Secretariat services and busi ness centre for businessmen. There is a dining room, event room, fitness room and private beach. Bogyoke Market in the city centre. Large garden and large private patio, large private area.

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