Marina Bay Sands

Shelter Bay Sands

Situated at Bayfront MRT Station, Marina Bay Sands is just a few steps from the bustling Central Business District. is an integrated resort off Marina Bay in Singapore. Newest tweets from Marina Bay Sands (@marinabaysands). Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort is Singapore's newest landmark and a first-class entertainment destination. For many years we had dreamed of staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, but we could never justify the costs.

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Soak up the floor-to-ceiling gorgeous vistas at Singapore's most famous luxurious resort. Unwind in a deeply immersed bath and freshen your mind with various modern amenities. Benefit from the Club55 privileged entrance and enjoying a stunning panoramic and memorable dinner time. Unwind in the world's biggest roof swimming pools overlooking Singapore's impressive skyscape.

Dine in an unparalleled panorama of Singapore, 57 floors above the centre of the town. Celebrate your nights in this modern Italian-American style DJ cabin dining room. Culinary delights by star cook Wolfgang Puck and a pulsating Singaporeancape.

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