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Travellers' flow to Myanmar becomes a flood. All Southeast Asian languages are shown on this map. Ready with el máximo mimo este tour Myanmar. Don't miss a trip to beautiful Lake Inle in Myanmar. Annex A: Map of Myanmar.

"Enclosed without a roof." Myanmar Apartheid Rakhine State

The state of Rhakhine is located in western Myanmar on the border with Bangladesh. This is home to a large number of individuals, although the vast bulk of the country's populace is predominantly Buddhist ethnically-based. The mainly Islamic ethnical minorities, the Rohingya, however, are limited to their communities, townships and poor displaced persons centres - and thus practically isolated from the remainder of the state and Myanmar.

Most Rohingya people in the north of the township until the last exit have very limited traffic between communities, while in some areas of the centre of the area, only via rivers and even then only to other Moslem communities. Formal rules mean that Rohingya has to go through a complex procedure to get a permit if they want to move between the cities.

Only Rohingyas who live in the north of Maungdaw and Buthidaung have been able to do this in recent years, and then only from one to the other. Travellers are confronted with periodic check points of the police where they can be regularly molested, bribed, forced into paying a bribe and attacked or detained on physical grounds.


Myanmar's electoral process in November 2010 and the approval of a new treaty have radically transformed its state. In March 2011, Myanmar regained its official civil rule, which after years of social and economical independence has initiated the first democratic and open economies in Myanmar. Faced with these attempts at overhaul, the European Union has removed penalties against Myanmar, with the exclusion of the weapons ban and ban on supplies that could be used for infiltration.

When visiting Myanmar in February 2012, Federal Minister Niebel said that Germany's DC will continue to expand its focus on sustained macroeconomic growth.

Myanmar Esencia |rutas a media a Burmania

Myanmar's best: Magic Bagan and the enchanting Inle Lake. 2 in Yangon, 2 in Bagan and 2 in Inle. Arrive in Yangon and pick up at the airport. A English-language guidebook shows you the most important sights of the city, among them the Sule Pagoda, Scott Market.

Transfers to the airfield for the flights to Bagan. After arriving we go to the most attractive Buddhist monasteries in Bagan: From the top of a church we reach the top of the hill in a traditional horse-drawn coach to admire the view.

Following breakfasts we go to the village markets. It is also possible to see the paint plant and some of the traditional craft. Transfers to the Heho International Airfield and flights to Heho. After your check-in you will be transferred to Nyaung Shwe on Lake Inle, from where you will take a motorboat to your accommodation.

There is some relaxation after checking in at the guesthouse before the trip starts at the lakeside, with all kinds of hills and orchards. We' ll go to the Phaung Daw Oo pit and the cat monastery. Following breakfasts we go to the village markets.

There is a daily fair (except before full moon), somewhere in the sea, where its residents, the Intha, trade their goods. You will also see the remains of Inthein and a handicraft centre such as a parasol made of cardboard or a tobacco plant. Transfers to the Yangon International and departure to the Yangon city.

You will have plenty of relaxation here or we recommend the last purchase at Scott Market. After breakfast you will be transferred to the Aiport for your departure ticket.

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