Map of Tourist Destinations in Myanmar

Myanmar Tourist Destination Map

Myanmar Map Shwedagon Pagoda (accommodation), Burma. We' re now showing you the best places in Myanmar that you can visit in a visual, interactive Myanmar map. Herbert Hauntings Paranormal uses some of the most advanced technologies during an investigation. After decades of isolation, Myanmar is back on the tourist map. The temples are easy to navigate with a map.

Map of Bagan

Long before Yangon became the capitol of Myanmar, another town was the capitol of Burma: Bagan. Formerly known as the'Bagan Archaeological Zone' and formerly known as Pagan, this town was the site of Burma's first imperial hegemony. Situated 190 km from Mandalay and 690 km from Yangon, Bagan is 42 kmĀ².

There are three main areas of Bagan: New Bagan. Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. As Bagan is an antique city, visitors can count on innumerable churches and palaces in the area, especially those erected by the old Burmese monarchs and monarchs. Among the main tourist sites in Bagan are the Shwezigon Pagoda (built by King Anawrahta and finished by King Kyanzittha), Thatbyinnyu Temple (built by King Alaungsithu) and Dhammayangyi Temple (King Narathu).

The other Bagan rides on the island are Gawdawpalin Temple, Sulmani Temple, Ananda Temple, Htilominlo Temple, Bu Pagoda and Nan Pagoda. Thanks to its year round weather, Bagan is an excellent tourist resort. It has no wet seasons, which distinguishes it from the towns of lower Myanmar. Therefore visitors can always come and discover the old Bagan.

It is Myanmar's most important tourist destination. The Read More is one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia..... As Burmese or Myanmar cuisine is called the mixture of different Asiatic cuisines: Burmese or Myanmar: City of Myanmar's first empire, Bagan is home to many archeological monuments.

It is an old town and not a place for more contemporary types of entertainments, such as discotheques and nightclubs. As Bagan is an old town, it is not the place for fashionable commercial centers or large commercial centers. Well-known as a popular traveler to Myanmar, the old town is home to astonishing couples More.....

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