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And I didn't think it was possible to map Ooo. A detailed map of courses and reading to guide you in planning each course in the OO Specialty Track Curriculum. If you find any address on the map of Go'oo or calculate your route from and to Go'oo, you will find all the sights and Michelin Guide restaurants in Go'oo. map of Pyin Oo Lwin (Mandalay / Myanmar region), view of satellites. Search all competitions, trainings and card collections.

There are two main craters: one on the summit and one in the southeast, called Puu Oo.

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Ooo Land is the capital of Adventure Time and is the home of Finn and Jake, along with all their enemies and friends." There are many different realms, the most famous of which are the Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Castle Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Fire Kingdom and Cloud Kingdom.

Many geographic areas are also unknown to belong to a realm, such as the Evil Forest and the Evil Lands. The Frederator Studios has published two different Ooo Country Map versions along with the Adventure Time Campaign document: the monochrome map and the colour map, both of which are shown in the below-galerie.

The general form corresponds to the Ooo air photo in "Business Time" (see photo in the photo galery below). The Other Tarts " features a slightly altered edition of this card on Princess Bubblegum's holographic card. There is nothing known about them except what is on the cards. A Mystery Temple on an isle off the eastern shore of Ooo is shown on the colour chart.

On the colour chart, the Tierra del Fuego is also referred to as "Burning Lands" and the grasslands as "Verdant Plains". "An area named Red Rock Cliffs could be the Red Rock Pass, and there is a reference to the Marceline Caves. There is the Sea of Something just off Ooo, which contains a small string of islands named Shiney Isles, on which there seem to be cristalli.

The Unknown Lands are located on a northerly promontory near the Ice Empire. In the northwestern part of the map, a cloudy or isolated place is referred to as a cloudforest, which seems to be clouded with wood. Isle of Steam will appear off the Ooo coastline next to the Kingdom of Fire.

Seemingly, the gems are diamond-cut islands swimming in the ocean at the most eastern border of the country of Ooo. Oddly enough, the holographic card in "The Other Tarts" calls it "The Haunted Swan", although this is probably a mistake. With the exception of Fire Kingdom (an ultimate inheritance monarchy), Ice Kingdom (a border line of despotical or ultimate royalty, as it depends) and Confectionery Kingdom, Ooo shows a mixture of democratization, rule, feudalism and a seemingly despotical state.

In particular, Candy Kingdom gradually evolved into a mixture of total monarchist authoritarianism that began in series two and culminated in the final of the sixth series when the country made its first (and probably only) choice to substitute Princess Bubblegum. He was reigning the country for several month, but the people finally revolted against him and put bubblegum back in.

The majority of empires are governed by one or more members of the royal family, such as the kingdom of ice and the kingdom of fire. There is a similar annual Princess Day meeting. There are no known Republiks in the country of Ooo. Xergiok only shows the tyranny in "The Shilent King", where he violently seizes power over the goblin kingdom, and through the Earl of Lemon grave after the flight of Lemonhope, which transforms the whole of Lemon Earldom into a totallyitarian city-state up to "Lemonhope Part 2",

where the county was turned into a monarchical citys state after both Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2 blew up and Princess Bubblegum sewed them together to Lemongrab 3, who took control of the county of Lemongrab. Nor has Ooo shown that there is an armed forces or any kind of armed violence that is protecting the country as a whole.

Therefore, each realm provides its own armed or policing power. Probably the most famous example of this is the famous Grand Duchy of London, which has built a wall (albeit candy) and the Banana Guards alongside other members of the guard population. At the other end of the range stands the city of thieves, which apparently has no policemen at all, and all the people are stealing from each other all the time.

You could say Finn and Jake are the governmental army, but it hasn't been upheld. Cosmic Owl is apparently also known as a kind of spirit that emerges in visionaries. Holly Jolly Secrets Part I features many Christmas themes, but none of the character shows information about the holidays themselves (instead of Christmas, the holidays are referred to as the days of putting on pullovers and looking at hidden ribbons).

Jake refers to a key buddhistic philosophical theme in the sequel "Marceline's Closet", just before Finn and Jake Cloud Hunt are playing. Asked what he does, Jake replies: "Get rid of the craving from my mind. It' gonna help kill off your precious moment. It was Jake's conviction that when he "croaks," his awareness becomes one with everything while Glob does his work.

For the first time the greenback is shown in "The Enchiridion" when Finn is stealing a huge greenback from an ogre. You can also see the greenback in "To Cut a Woman's Hair" when Finn is paying Simon to come and sing his music. It is unlikely that the US dollars will come in a minute amount, because then Finn would have used a minute US Dollars to buy Simon.

Also in the sequel "Hitman" the ice king tries to buy Scorcher to avoid killing Finn and Jake. As a result, Blank-Eyed Girl eat Finn from a local pub and buy her a dollar-like bill. In" Guardians of Sunshine" Jake tries to bring one of the tokens of the pack into the physical universe, but to Jake's frustration she turned into a tenny when she was taken out of play.

You can also see other coin in "Davey" when Finn picks some from a well. Rain horns talk and type in Korea; Jake and Princess Bubblegum can comprehend it, but they rarely, if ever, do. "Frost & Fire" and "Go With Me", Princess Bubblegum speaks a little German.

In The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, German is also the favourite demonanguage. In" Bonnibel Bubblegum" it is used several time by the Bonnibel people. The Flame King talks to Jake as shown in Incaendium. Alouette, a French tune, in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II".

In " The Real You ", when Finn's Fingers and Jake are in the Apple Classroom, a billboard can also be seen on the back of the room where the monthly "Avril" (French for April) is located. In " Marceline's Closet" Jake says a sentence in Japane. And Jake speaks some Japaneese in "Return to the Nightosphere".

" Or in" Gut Grinder", one of the gentle men named Jake" kawaii" (which means" sweet"). When Finn and Jake walk into the pharmacy in the series " Canndy Street ", the statues "??????" stand on the walls behind Ann. "In One Last Job, Jake extends his hand into a gap in a tree trunk in the walls; it is empty inside and Jake is shown reach.

As Jake's hands reach the top of the inside of the empty trunk, he is seen pushing a knob with a tag over it, which seems to contain text in it. In " Jake is trying to find out what kind of creature Finn becomes in "Hug Wolf", the textbook in which Jake tries to find out after the embrace by the Alpha-Knuddelwolf, has its titles in Lat.

The magician Bufo, who first appeared in "Wizard", also took his name from the Roman term for toad: In Morituri Te Salutamus, Finn also spoke Hispanic, while he opposed the gladiator spirit. The incantation of Kee-Oth, the bloody demon, also seems to be written in pseudo-Latin and reads:

" In" Paper Pete" one of the book passes in which Finn takes the Moldos to Jake:" Carne", Spanishs for" meat". "Jake speaks a little Castilian in "Wheels," with reference to Kim Kil Whan as "mi'ijo," meaning "my boy. "Pendleton Ward, the maker of Adventure Time, explained in both an interview[1] and his Frequently Asked Questions[2] that the country of Ooo is actually a post-apocalyptic earth, the outcome of a worldwide catastrophe known as the Mushroom War, hence the destroyed parts of contemporary technologies that are dispersed across the country.

It' possible Finn is the only person in Ooo In" Her Parents" Lady Rainicorn's folks say that they wanted to feed Finn because they never thought they had the opportunity to feed a real person, which means that they are either extreme scarce or disappear. More information about Finn as the last person can be found in the "Status as the last person" section of Finn's articles.

In" Simon & Marcy" the land of Ooo (or at least a part of it) was a pre-fungal war zone or land called" rage rage state", as it is written on the license plates of a grocery car. Pendleton Ward says that the land of Ooo is a continent, Adam Muto says it is the greatness of a small state.

While the old map gives the latter more proof, the country of Ooo on the last air photograph in the Elements mini-series is about as big as Australia. In addition, Princess Bubblegum Ooo describes a region as a part of the shortfilm "Have You Seen the Muffin Mess.

The cartoon network advertising for "Adventure Travel" shows the country of Ooo not as a continental country, but as a mobile level. The Adventure Time Encyclopædia shows the land of Ooo on the first page and Jake has added some more sights.

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