Map of Myanmar with Cities

Myanmar map with cities

Maps of Myanmar (Burma): political, administrative, road, relief, physical, topographic, travel and other. The map shows the following cities in Myanmar: Enlargeable map of Myanmar. Myanmar's Pegu and Ava cities were mentioned in this old map. Burma large road map with cities and airports.

Maps of Myanmar cities, topographical map contour

Beneath are the altitude charts of Myanmar for different zoom levels. The height of the places can be found in the section after these cards. In the following you find the altitude information of the most important cities and settlements in Myanmar as well as their altitude plans. NASA's SRTM is used to produce the elevvation mapping of the Myanmar sites.

Topographical and contouring ideas are also provided by these charts in Myanmar. Heights of Myanmar are also indicated on the map. Notice: Please be aware that Myanmar elevation map is in alphah. The Myanmar elevvation map is licenced under CC BY-SA. Please set a link to this Myanmar elevation map page.

Burma Map (Cities)

Yangon, the Myanmar's metropolitan capitol, retains its colorful rural charms with broad tree-lined alleys, tranquil seas and the graceful turn of the 20th centuries architectural style. Shwedagon' s splendid pagoda towers over the town' s sprawling urban sprawl, while Yangon is a street-level haven for the hunt for a host of fine art and art.

The gemstones of Myanmar - ruby, sapphire and jet are of particular interest to the many stores of the Scotts Market and of international cachet. Chinatown comes to life at nights with its hot flavours and tasty street food. Mandalay, the most important culture and business centre of Oberburma and former imperial capitol, still reminds of a romantically past.

Situated at the base of the majestic Mandalay mound is the King's Castle with its spectacular ditch. Situated on the shores of the powerful Ayeryarwaddy River, Mandalay is close to former mountain resorts, old towns and other historic sites.

Myanmar Country, Cities and Places ArcGIS Shapefile Map Layers for Free Download

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