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Mon, Bamar, Anglo-Burmese, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Rakhine, Shan, Burmese-Thai, Pa'O . The Mon State (Burmese: ????

???????, pronounced[m??? pjìn??]; Mon: ???????????? ???????) is an administrative unit of Myanmar. North of Pa Yaw. Receive great offers for hotels in Mon State, mm. Secondhand Mon State Map, Mon State Topography, Mon State Survey, Mon State Relief, Myanmar (Burma), Mon State, main administrative area.

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Beneath are the altitude charts of Myanmar for different zoom levels. The height of the places can be found in the section after these cards. In the following you find the altitude information of the most important municipalities and settlements in Myanmar as well as their altitude plans. NASA's SRTM is used to produce the elevvation mapping of the Myanmar sites.

Topographical and contouring ideas are also provided by these charts in Myanmar. Heights of Myanmar are also indicated on the map. Notice: Please be aware that Myanmar Elevation Map is in alphah. The Myanmar elevvation map is licenced under CC BY-SA. Please set a link to this Myanmar elevation map page.

Province Tenasserim, Amherst District.

County of Tenasserim, Amherst District. It is a nice example for the pharaonic and company map of the district Amherst in Burma (Myanmar) from 1854. After the First Anglo-Burmese War of 1826, the areas just south of the Salween or Thanlwin rivers were invaded by the English and comprised the Tenasserim region, then known as Mon State, Kayin State, the Taungoo District and the Tanintharyi region.

Amhert County in Tenasserim Province was renamed after the then Governor General of India, William Amherst. Nowadays the old Amherst part of the city belongs to the state of Mon and Kayin, separated from today's Tanintharyi region. The card was stung by J. and C. Walker and given out as a record number.

Forty-two, by Pharoah and Company in their Atlas of South India of 1854. J. B. Pharoah (fl. c. 1838 - 1869) was a Madras, India-based bookstore and map and textbook editor who worked in the mid-19th centuries. The Athenaeum and Statesman (1864 re-named he Athenaeum and Daily News) was also released in the UK.

The Madras Quarterly Medical Journal and the Madras Journal of Literature and Science. There is little more known about Pharaoh. It is known for its work with the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge or, as it is generally known, the S.D.U.K., but also for the British Admiralty, and for the publication of several important Indian charts and several editions of the Royal Atlas.

This is Pharoah and Company, An Atlas out of the South Part of India incl. Plan of all the Principal Cantonments, reduziert aus dem Grand Trigonometrical Survey of India shewing auch ung aussi The Tenasserim Province, (Madras) 1854. Pharoah and Company Atlantic of South India was released around 1854. There were about 70 cards in the middle size version of the A4to map, concentrated in the south of India and the Tanasserium province or Burma.

Originally published in London by J. and C. Walker, the book appears to have been published only in Madras, India by J. B. Pharoah and Company. It claimed to have "been scaled back from the Grand Trigonometrical survey of India", and indeed the poll provided a frame for the map, but little of the real cartographical detail.

For most of its regionals, the map has a 16 mile per inches ( (1: 1013760) ruler. Besides the local map, the map also included 21 city layouts. This map is some of the only available mid-195th c. map of many southern towns in India.

There was also a scarce map of Singapore.

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