Map of Kachin state Myanmar

Kachin State Myanmar Map

Discretion: The names shown on this map and the limits used do not imply official approval or recognition by the United Nations. Maps of Kachin State, North Burma, Burma, near India and China, roads, rivers, satellite images, terrain. Full list of Google satellite map locations in Kachin, Burma. The Myitkyina district, Kachin state, Myanmar. Chart created by UNHCR Myanmar.

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Myanmar's most northern state is bordered by India and China to the north, the state of Shan to the east, the state of Tagaing to the east and the state of Shan to the east. It is a mountainside state with several of the country's highest summits. Indawgyi's biggest river is also in the state. Ayeyarwady is made up of the little rivers Maykha and Malikha; the intersection point lies about 46 km northern of the capitol Myitkyina.

The majority of the population is Kachin. Farming is the major economic activity, but is mainly restricted to the Patao, Myitkyina, Bhamaw and Indawgyi plateaus. Fruit such as leech, orange, grapefruit and pear are also Kachin-made. This state is also known for its iodine. The Kachin fabrics, knives and sabers are highly appreciated throughout the entire state.

Street network's in bad shape. The Mandalay to Myitkyina (779 km) is not suitable for foreign visitors. Myitkyina - Potao is also not recommend. Between Mandalay and Myitkyina there is a 24-30 hour trainset. The Myitkyina to Bhamaw highway (186 km) can be used during the drought (October to June), although the highway is not so good either.

There are several checkpoints and the highway follows the Myanamr-China frontier. Myitkyina is the most visited destination for international visitors. After a trip to Myitson (confluence of the Ayeyarwaddy River) you can take a plane or rail to Bhamaw.

Stay there for a full week or two and take a cruise down the Ayeyarwady to Mandalay. This is the climax of the journey, which lasts two nights and two nights on board. Bhamaw will leave the ship in the mornings and arrive in the next afternoon in the city.

Further to Patao you will need a separate permission and you will have to use the services of a tourist agency. Until now, the journey has been by plane. Inquire with your airline and your airline agents. In Myitkyina and Bhamaw there are several guesthouses. At Putao and other places visitors must use the state guesthouses or staying at home or on the campsite.

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