Map of Burma Myanmar

Myanmar map of Burma

Maps of Burma and Myanmar in Asia. May Cities map, name of cities and region with population in Burma, Myanmar. An interactive map of Burma Myanmar, which for the first time shows sights and repeats visitors to the region. Contains Rangoon and Mandalay slots and a coverage diagram. Free high resolution maps of Burma / Myanmar.

Burma Regions

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Cards and Satellites

Descriptive/Topic:These charts, sections and listings are covering the area affected by Cyclone Nargis and other parts of the state. Region Charts Affected; Evaluation Area Charts; Hazard Area Charts; Organization Charts; Population Area Charts; Planning Charts; Snapshot Charts; Community Profile Charts; Who, What, Where, Charts & Reports. Descriptive/Topic:A large compilation of Burma/Myanmar map, especially farm map.....

"The FAO's Natural Resource Department provides an outline of Myanmar's territory, human activities, environmental (soil, climate) and agricultural heritage. The latest page with some general information, utilities, maps, etc.; (2) Myanmar's agricultural digitally and in print; (3) GeoNetwork digitally produced and updated by the FAO.

Synopsis/Topic:A useful collection of cards, photographs and extensive Burmese engineering materials, designed in answer to Cyclone Nargis. - For Burma TEC products (CAC required) What is this?....... - Yemen (Burma) Water and Hydrology (.pdf) Bibliography..... - AMS topographical map of Burma......... Defence to Burma Defense TIC Documents: - DTIC Burma Bibliography.....

  • Regional Studies - Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos..... Scientific Map of Burma..... Journey tickets........ Descriptive/Topic:Index of cities etc. with topographic, climate, political and other information map (by degree of longitude and latitude); integrates Google Eerth..... The Ayeyarwady Division ; Bago Division ; Chin Stat ; e Kachin State ; Kayah State ; Kayah State ; Kayin State ; Magway Division ; Mandalay Division ; Mon State ; Rakhine State ; Sagaing Division ; Shan State ; Tanintharyi Division ; Yangon Division..... Verzeichnis der Flughäfen in Burma.

Descriptive/Topic:These 1:250,000 topographical map were created in the mid-1950s by the[US] Army Map Service from large-format topographical map, among others: Myanmar 1:63,360, Directorate of Military Surveying, India, 1944-45; Myanmar 1:126,720. Overview of India 1941; British admiralty cards and JAP. NE 47-9 Pegu (6. 3 MB); NE 47-13 Rangoon (5. 6 MB); NE 47-13 Rangoon and surroundings[verso] (1. 1 MB); NE 47-14 Moulmein (6. 2 MB); NF 46-3 Mawlaik (6.

PRINCIPLE 4 MB) Mong Yai NF 47-6 (6. 5 MB); Mandalay NF 47-9 (6. 3 MB); Mandalay NF 47-9, Burma and Vicinity[verso] (1. 6 MB); Lai-Hka NF 47-10 (6. 2 MB); Keng Tung NF 47-11 (6th description/Topic:A3 printable map (120 pages) with the most important cards, associated spreadsheets and derivative digital atlases from the Union of Myanmar.

The major charts are shown on a 1:6 000 000 000 000 map and the other additional charts on a 1:12 000 000 one. It is intended as a benchmark and guidance for those who want to better understanding the chances and issues of Myanmar's agriculture world. Cover:Go to, enter Burma Myanmar map and click on "Pictures"...a shuffle pocket with some useful road and map information.

Reference: From this page you can use the 12MB free of charge to run Google Earth on your computer. Synopsis/Topic:Several charts that illustrate the KHRG coverage, include Burma charts with army orders, Karen State, Toungoo District, Nyaunglebin District, Papun District, Thaton District, Pa'an District, Dooplaya District, Southern Dooplaya to Tavoy, Tenasserim Division, Karenni (Kayah) State, Shan State, Northwestern Burma.

Descriptive/Topic: "Welcome to google Maps Burma sites listing, welcome to the place where google maps sightseeing makes sence! The extensive target viewer makes it possible to discover Burma through in-depth satelite pictures - quickly and easily as never before. The Burma-Google map begins here!...... "Descriptive/Topic:Maps and satellites Military maps....Russian Army maps:

1cm-500m; 1cm-1km; 1cm-2km; 1cm-5km; 1cm-10km...Russian topographical map GGC: 1cm-250m; 1cm-1km; 1cm-2km...Old old army maps: 1cm-500m of-- Russian watermaps: 1cm-100m; 1cm-250m; 1cm-1km; 1cm-2km; 1cm-5km...US Army maps: Descriptive/Topic:8 Cards of Burma.... "The Rare Books and Special Collections Department has over a hundred cards especially for Burma or a large geographic area of Burma, from 1500 to 1800.

Some of these cards are now available digitally and from this site, but the real esteem for the great qualities of these cards can only be personal. "This is a small choice of cards. Descriptive/Topic:BIG Gathering of UN and OTHER DISCUMPERS ON BURMA/MYANMAR... "MIMU provides a joint information sharing network for the human rights fellowship through increased co-ordination, gathering, processing, analysing and disseminating information.

MIMU assists the UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC), Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) partner, the UN Country Team and other stakeholders inside and outside Myanmar in analysing and making decisions. "MAPS, ANALYSES, EVALUATIONS, ETC. OF ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. Descriptive/Topic:For Burma, go to Maps of Asia or Historical Maps / Historical Maps of Asia.

There are also a number of map sites on this site. Descriptive/Topic:"....Here's a intriguing map page I've used a great deal lately. More than 45,000 place name with their sites in Burma available. Descriptive/Topic:1. Overview map of Burma; 2nd Kabaw Valley/Imphal; 3rd The Okkan Operation; 4th Imphal/Ukhrul Road; 5th Positions around Badger; 6th Positions in Shangshak; 7th Shuganu - Mombi Area; 8th Area just north of Palel -Tamu Road; 9th Position around Badger.

arakane - Not too clear image; 17. Atlan map with Bergen; 18. Centrally Burma; 19. Oberburma - escape map; 22. Withdrawal from Burma; 24. Case of Burma; 25. Descriptive/Topic: "Under the 2008 Constitution, all seven'divisions' were renamed'regions'. The seven ethnic'states' keep their name. We also have five new self-governing zones and a new self-governing department for'National Breeds with Appropriate Population'".

Descriptive/Topic: "TBBC and the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) have reflected the organizational scope in Southeast Burma/Myanmar for the areas of training, healthcare and livelihood security to reinforce inter-agency co-ordination. The information gathered by MIMU from Myanmar Union Government agents has been merged with information gathered by TBBC from frontier authorities recognized by non-governmental organizations.

Cards show how relief organizations along the Rangoon-Yangon borders are complementing the relief effort of Rangoon-Yangon-based organizations to meet relief needs. Whilst border-based answers are mainly administered by community-based organizations, the cards mirror how Rangoon-Yangon related organizations are generally run by United Nations organizations and NGOs.

"6 "6 CARDS -- 2 FOR EDUCATION (BASIC AND COMPARATIVE), 2 FOR HEALTH ( "BASIC AND COMPARATIVE") AND 2 FOR SUBSISTENCE (BASIC AND COMPARATIVE). CARDS ARE ABOUT 1. Descriptive/Topic:Myanmar Standardized place/pcodes:: For a long time there was a great deal of disorientation in Myanmar with several different version of translated placeholders used by different authorities.

Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) has taken on the role of monitoring a full range of place name translations into a shared system supported by members of the International Accounting Standards Council and other organisations. During 2005, these UNCT and INGOs received these titles as Myanmar standards translations and signed an agreement.......

Nameplates for parts of Myanmar towns and cities have been provided by the Ministry of the Interior, General Administration Department (GAD), in Myanmar. Like postcodes, they are part of a datamanagement system that provides Myanmar's thousand of places with one-of-a-kind lookup keys. Myanmar's country areas have the following p-code:.....

Synopsis/Topic:Summary" "Since the end of 2006, the Science and Human Rights Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science has assembled a series of high-resolution satelite imagery to record the continuing conflicts in the Karen state and other areas of Burma. In Burma, this survey follows similar AAAS activity in Zimbabwe, Darfur and elsewhere as part of its Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights projec.

Surveillance of breaches of human rights in East Burma using local information transmitted via Web sites and e-mail from organisations operating in the area. Such organisations are the Free Burma Rangers, the Karen Human Rights Group and the Thailand Burma Border Consortium. Its coverage was verified by AAAS personnel and cross-referenced with a range of geodata and historical mapping of East Burma to pinpoint towns and areas that may have been affected.

Currently, AAAS has received and analysed high-resolution commercially available images of some small areas in East Burma. The AAAS's effort to collect and analyse images and other information on the Burmese dispute continues as further information on the trial is requested. Descriptive/Topic: Map of 6 special areas (Shan State); Karenen, Pakarenni and Mo refugee camp; Shanistance Activity Zone (SSA); gas pipeline route.

Descriptive/Topic:Burma and the neighbors. Show topic, boundaries, Rangoon and Mandalay, but not much more. Descriptive/Topic:Borders and capitals. Descriptive/Topic:States, departments, cities and territories referenced in ILO reporting, in particular in the 1998 Commission of Inquiry Survey. DESCRIPT/Topic:A 1995 proof-of-concept review confined to Bangladesh, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan and Sri Lanka had established a fundamental route system, suggested certain specific technological and operating norms for this system and provided a restricted assessment of the state of the current lines in terms of these notices.

Given the evolution of commerce and exchange between the sub-regional groups in South and South-East Asia (Organisation for Cooperation, Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Business Cooperation), it was agreed to extend the scale of the survey to China, Myanmar and Nepal,

Descriptive/Topic: "Medieval trade (Asia)". Reference:Inset: Descriptive/Topic:From the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923. Descriptive/Topic:Contains these inserted cards: Descriptive/Topic:From a literary and historical atlas of Asia by J.G. Bartholomew. Describtion/Topic:Imprint: Burma divisions: 1st Arakan Division, 2nd Pegu Division, 3rd Irrawaddy Division, 4th Tenasserim Division, 5th Mimbu Division, 6th Mandalay Division, 7th Sagaing Division, 8th Meiktila Division.

Describtion/Topic:Imprint: Burma divisions: 1st Arakan Division, 2nd Pegu Division, 3rd Irrawaddy Division, 4th Tenasserim Division, 5th Mimbu Division, 6th Mandalay Division, 7th Sagaing Division, 8th Meiktila Division. Describtion/Topic:Imprint: Burma divisions: 1st Arakan Division, 2nd Pegu Division, 3rd Irrawaddy Division, 4th Tenasserim Division, 5th Mimbu Division, 6th Mandalay Division, 7th Sagaing Division, 8th Meiktila Division.

Comment Clarendon Press, Description/Topic:Imprint: Descriptive/Topic: show the limits of the Presidency. Descriptive/Topic:Burma as part of the British Heritage. Titel: "Map of Indo-China with the suggested Burma-Siam-China Railway" Description/Topic: Indo-China 1886. Descriptive/Topic:From a dictionary Practical, theoretical and historical of trade and commercial navigation by J.R. M'Culloch. Synopsis/Topic: "Birman Empire" from An Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava in the Year 1795 by Lieut Colonel Michael Symes, to which a story about the later military and political operations in the Burmese empire is now added...Volume II.

Descriptive/Topic:Asia 1808 "Asia" from The General Gazetteer; or Compendious Geographical Dictionary by R. Brookes. Descriptive/Topic:Ptolemy, 2. He did not go to Burma, but collected used information from people. None of these cards shows the Indian Ocean as over. "Writer/Screator: "Ptolemy" Author/Screator: "Ptolemy" Description/Topic: "Beautiful full-color example of the first map of Asia.

Ptolemy's geography was the basis of Munster's map, with significant updating and changes. Creator/Author: "Ptolemy" Title: Map of Asia by Jerome, Description/Topic: Packed with pipes and natural-gas-storage units.

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