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Obblivion, map of Bruma, guide to Bruma. Extracts from Alessia Ottus' Guide to Bruma. Get an interactive map of Bruma, accommodation and activities in and around Bruma. Sat picture of Bruma, Spain and surroundings. Birmingham Map of Bruma Lake Flea Market, Johannesburg:

Oblivion, map of Bruma, guide to Bruma

It is considered a Ninnese earldom, but in reality it is more north than north than north because of its closeness to the Skyrim boundary and because of the horrible coldness and uneasiness of its position high in the Jerall Mountains. Brumaa is always cool and snow-covered, and in every neighborhood the Brazilians burn so that the people don't freeze to death. Brumaa is always there.

No wonder that Nords are such drunk pagan wilds, for in such a climatic condition living is not possible, and one might be tempted in insensitivity to drinking or selling one's spirit just to find refuge from the severe coldness and the unrelenting onslaught. Bruma Castle is cool and draughty, negligently adorned and covered in carbon black from the ever-burning Brazilians.

Apart from its masonry and size, the palace is like people's blockhouses - cool, deep, draughty and muddy. Contessa Narina Carvain is a Nibenean Heartlander, a conscientious chapel and a respectful sovereign, although she is a wily and reckless haggler and has a call for harsh action and betrayal.

It is the main characteristic of Bruma in the north, with buildings along the inside of the eastern and southwestern masonry. Roads are narrow and sparse as few species of tree or plant can live in the coldness, but the city is dense and quickly researched. The quest starts in Bruma:

Visit ? Bruma people: Bruma Castle: The Bruma Houses for Sale can be bought from Countess Narina Carvain for 10,000 dollars. Notice: If your info is 10 or more, the Countess will not be available to buy the home until the Raise the Vale Quest is over.

Contessa Narina Carvain (60+); purchase price: 10000 Golds; upgrades by:: Suurootane at Novaroma; total cost of all upgrades: 9900gld. Bedroom area (1100 gold): Wall candlestick (2), wardrobe (1), chest of drawers (1), chest (1), carpet (1), candlestick (1), various pottery and flower pots; dining area (1100 gold):

Armchairs (3), carpet (1), shelf set (1), pottery and utensils potted flowers; home kitchen (1100 gold): Wardrobe (1), wine rack (1), chest (1), fireplace shelf (1), candlestick (1), carpet (1), various bottles and pottery; lower storage area of the house (1100 gold): Drums (3), Chest (1), Set of shelves (1), Small table (1), Bench (1), Chair (1), Carpet (1), Mixed ceramics; House wall hangings (1100 gold):

Painting (3), tapestry (3), sconces (4); home office (1100 gold): Bookcase (2), Desk (1), Chair (1), Candle holder (1), Various candles; Upper seating area (1100 gold): Table (2), bench (1), chair (1), carpet (1), candlestick (1), potted flowers; upper storage area of the house (1100 gold): Cabinets (2), Shelf set (1), Small table (1), Candelabra (1), Mixed pottery; House wall hangings (1100 gold):

Painting (5), tapestry (1), candlestick (2).

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