Map Burma Thailand Border

Burma Thailand Border Map

Please click here to open a larger map. Animated maps of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma. Interactive map list (Google Maps). Be particularly careful in the border areas with Thailand, Laos or China. The two countries share a border on the Indo-Chinese peninsula in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Thai/Myanmar (Burma) border crossing - Mae Sot To Myawaddy

With the long-haul trip between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) now a fact, travelers are rediscovering this new way of entry in flocks. In March 2014 we traversed the border between the cities of Mae Sot and Myawaddy and found it as one of the simplest border crossing points we have ever seen.

The Tuk-tuks will try to calculate 100 Bahts for the 5km trip. The costs are 20 Bahts and go when they are full. As soon as you arrive at the windows, please return your pass with the enclosed visas. When you have your Myanmar visas, you will be asked how long you will be in Myanmar (Burma).

When you have exceeded your Thai passport, you must settle the 500 BTB per person per day. Thankfully you are at the most friendly border checkpoint in Asia and everyone will tell you where to do it. Once the hard copy is completed and your visas verified, your picture will be taken and you can go!

Wellcome to Myanmar! When you do not have a valid visas, you will have to settle a $10 (or 500 Baht) charge and hand in your pass at the border control. Burma is 30 mins behind Thailand (UTC +6.30). Please be advised that there is no visas upon your arrivals, so you will not be able to continue to Myanmar.

There is a change in transport from the lefthand side in Thailand to the right-hand side in Myanmar. Be sure to look both ways before you cross the street! On your application you must indicate at which point of departure you will be leaving Myanmar (Burma). When you say you're going to Myawaddy, then go to Myawaddy.

When you plan to stay in Myawaddy, note that many inns will not accommodate visitors from abroad (although they have English signs). Follow this street for three or four blocs and there will be a rose coloured house on the lefthand side. If you are thinking of continuing to Burma, please note that the Myawaddy highway only goes in one direction.

"Up to Myawaddy" and "down to Yangon". The new ASEAN motorway between Myawaddy and Kawkareik will be finished in early 2015, according to the Chinese Governmen. In this April paper we talk about the new motorway, also known as the Asia Motorway, which is used to avoid the lovely but perilous Dawna-mountains.

The journey from Myawaddy to Yangon (Rangoon) takes only 30 min. instead of 3 as before. As soon as this street is finished, there will be no need to look out for changing dates, as there will be oncoming transport from Myawaddy, which will make the border from Mae Sot much more open to visitors and backpacker travellers.

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