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Clickable map of Thailand and its provinces. A simple guide through Thailand. For route options and a map of the MRT subway, click here. When you fight over the map to work out the best route through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, don't fight anymore, Saunders and Ollie have it sorted. Koh Rawi is one of my favorite islands.

Backpacker tour for Thailand

Thailand's backpacking community has undergone dramatic changes over the past 20-30 years and some would say the situation is getting even worse, but more and more travelers are flocking to the so-called "Land of Smiles". Some of the most important backpacking locations, especially the most famous southern island, have become much more commercial and party-oriented, which is great if you want to spend the whole evening celebrating and relaxing on nice gold coloured shores during the daytime.

When this is not your scenery, it is not difficult to find calmer places, sometimes even on the same isle. And Bangkok is still the striking centre of the land, a real town of sins that it loves or hates and that provides a truly exhilarating travelling adventure. It is almost not possible to cross Thailand and South-East Asia without crossing Bangkok at least once or twice, as it is the centre of the country's transportation system and home to the two largest international airport complex.

Much of the Thailand backpacker itineraries have already been included in our Southeast Asia itineraries, but are divided into two parts to avoid the need for a visas (see below on this page for information on how to sort out a visas for this route).

But since it is still the most loved backpacker in the world, we thought it could use its only own itinerary and here it is! Leave 2 month to circumnavigate the entire course, although it could be done in less if you are not so busy with the party/beach part.

Backpackers in Thailand fluctuate drastically according to the type of travel you want to make. This higher number may be a more common backpacking money these few business hours, but it still demands some self-discipline, because although Thailand is inexpensive, there is the temptation of spending almost everywhere, especially if you are a partie.

Refreshed in January 2017, these numbers do NOT take into account the costs of airfare to/from Thailand, vetting, visas as well as traveller insure. Learn more about travelling expenses in Thailand. The majority of nationals do not need a Thai passport (30 days), but this itinerary takes 2-month. World Nomads, specialized in backpacker tours, covers all types of backpacker activity in Thailand.

You are not willing to go alone or have only a temporary period? Take a look at Stray Travel's Thailand Passes & Flexi Tours. Required period of 10 working hours should be more than sufficient. Breathtaking shops, pulsating night life, bustling streets, tasty meals and a few breathtaking castles ensure that you will never get bored in Bangkok.

The majority of backpacking tourists go directly to Khao San Road, the largest backpacking hub in Southeast Asia and the ideal place to find a few fellow travelers, which is useful in these early solitary times, especially when you are traveling alone for the first while. It can be made as a long daily excursion from Bangkok or with accommodation.

The secluded city on the river has become a major backpacking holiday resort in recent years. Wildlife enthusiasts will also find a lot of thrill in the city, and there are some interesting historic places that are also peppered with attractions such as the Tiger Temple (very beloved but sharply criticized by wildlife groups), the Hellfire Pass and the Erawan National Park.

Thailand?s oldest seaside resume steaming. It is a favourite of Thais in Bangkok because of its close vicinity to the city. It comes alive on Saturdays, Sundays, weekends and public days. If you are a budgeted traveller, you should head further south, but Hua Hin is still a favourite stopover and interrupts your trip from Bangkok to southern Thailand.

Situated on the major train line from Bangkok to Chumphon, Hua Hin is very easily accessible. Every traveler has their own subtle distinctions and sights, but there is an item of "same" about the backpackers at each location, so some travelers jump over a few of these travelers to spend longer in one place and maybe take a dive course, do a little volunteering or if you have little money, maybe find a little work for one of the pubs or inns.

It is the smallest and calmest of the 3 major Gulf of Thailand isles. The Ko Tao is a nice place and very beloved by backpacker tourists, some of whom stay much longer than planned. It is a good suggestion to reserve a place to stay around the full moon which is not really necessary anywhere else.

This southernmost of the Gulf of Thailand is less loved by backpacker tourists and is undoubtedly very touristic, but it is a big one and there are so many different sands that you are sure to find one to your liking and it is a funny place for a or so.

If you are an energetic traveller and anyone who wants to do more than just hang around the beaches and get hammered, you should definitely take a look and maybe have a good time here. It is a great place for rock climbers, perhaps the best in Thailand, and is also loved for its walking, kayak and snorkeling opportunities.

The Phi Phi Phi is one of the icons of the Thailand Backpackers Trails. Excursions by boats around the cove, most of which offer many swim and snorkel spots in beautiful clear waters and a trip to Maya Baay, where the film "The Beach" was shot.

To get to Northern Thailand from Ko Lanta or any of the other places in the south is best if you do not want to travel more than 24h by bus or train and still want to pay about what you would have chosen to do. It may be more convenient to reserve two different trips to get to the next stage of our itinerary.

First from Krabi to Bangkok and the second from Bangkok to Chiang Rai. When you are a little flexibly and perhaps want to stay oneight in Bangkok, you should be able to make the whole journey for approx. 2000 Baht (approx. 50 Euro).

If you take a cab to Khao San Rd or Central Bangkok, it should take you back between 250-400 Baht and whether you take the tolls ( (for which you have to buy about 150 Baht extra) or not, according to your transport.

Since you will probably have to go back to Bangkok to get out of the land, it's probably best to begin your northern Thailand adventures in Chiang Rai, which is the farthest from the capitol, and then work back. Chiang Rai has 1 or 2 interesting places of interest and some beautiful museum that you can keep busy for a whole days or so, but its primary destination from the traveller's point of view is to discover the area or even make a full excursion to Tachileik in Myanmar (no visas required).

The majority of travelers also travel to the Gold triangle, a small area in Chiang Rai County where the Ruak River joins the powerful Mekong and where Thailand joins Laos and Myanmar. A further important backpacker trip to Thailand. It is a metropolitan town with a very global atmosphere like Bangkok, but much smaller and more relaxing and without much trouble with the state.

The Pai is another station that has developed into a true backpacking place and it's not difficult to understand why. There' is a whole series of ways to experience the outdoors, from relaxing in one of Pai's many backpackers in one of its numerous backpackers in Pai to getting tubed, hiking, zip-lining, white-water racing and much more.

Thailand's pristine capitol is 1 hr by coach from Phitsanulok, which is almost exactly half way on the major line between Chiang Mai and Bangkok (express services take about 7 hrs to get to both cities from Phitsanulok), making it a comfortable stop to take the return to Bangkok for your home or onward journey.

Just the rail ride allows you a view into the more remote areas of Thailand away from the traveling horde, so it is worthwhile to do this, although there is usually hardly a change in prices whether you fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok or take therain. This is the end of our Thailand backpack tour, although you may want to stay another one or two days in Bangkok to get some good deals while you are waiting for your home trip.

Don't leave the car on the rail to get you from Phitsanulok to Bangkok on the same date. Many other places in Thailand are definitely waiting to be visited and where it might be simpler to get away from the crowd and have a more genuine Thai adventure. For a detailed Thailand tour-guidebook, please see Indie Traveller.

Nowadays, most travelers in Thailand also travel to at least one of the neighboring states. This Vietnam backpack tour will take you on an unforgettable journey by rail from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City with many stopovers. Take a look at our Burma Rucksack Routes to get inspired. If you are moving out of Southeast Asia, take a look at our Indonesia tour, which will take you around some of the country's most beloved isles.

It is not important to book in advance as there are backpackers' quarters or roads almost everywhere on this itinerary and some of the island's shores are almost completely filled with lodges and backpackers that are seldom sold out. Will I need a Thailand visas? Coming from Korea, Brazil, Peru, Argentina or Chile, you will not receive a 90-day travel permit.

Travelers from 52 different nations do not need a passport for a 30 stay in Thailand. This is a listing of eligible jurisdictions for this 30-day-liberation. When you are not from one of these 52 counties, you must apply in your own county for a Thai embassy or embassy in another one.

As this itinerary is planned for 2 month, the 30-day waiver will not be sufficient, here are your options: It is something you should do before leaving home, but it can also be arrange at a Thai embassy in other country if you are making a long journey to different places.

The price varies from state to state, but this is certainly the most stress-free alternative and once you are in Thailand, you can unwind and don't have to deal with such problems. They can run a permit, which generally means you are leaving Thailand for a neighboring state before your 30 full calendar working period and then come back immediately or after a few era and you get a 30 full calendar working hours visa-free in Thailand.

Please be aware that only persons from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Macau, Hong Kong, Laos and Vietnam receive 30 day crossings of airport and border crossings. Citizens of other countries receive 15 at the border, but 30 at the airport. Most evident points for visas on the itinerary are Malaysia from one of the southern Thai travel locations (especially Krabi, Ko Lanta or Ko Phi Phi) with Penang or Pulau Langkawi on the Andaman coast of northern Malaysia, a favorite near location for a few day or so.

As an alternative, you can travel to Laos in northern Thailand and the city of Huay Xai near Chiang Rai, although the need for a Lao type permit makes this alternative somewhat less appealing, unless you want to travel to Laos in particular. This can also be difficult to integrate into this itinerary without hurrying the Southern Thailand period, although you can exit the first section (Bangkok & surroundings) until the end of your journey (i.e. first stay 4 week in Southern Thailand, then return and do northern and central Thailand within your new 30 days).

There are also often very inexpensive connections to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore from towns throughout Thailand, which can be particularly convenient if you come from one of these lands, which has only 15 nights onshore. Optional 3 - Renew your 30-day exemptions during your stay in Thailand. As of August 2014, you can prolong your 30-day stay to 60 nights by attending an immigrant service in the U.S. and pay 1,900 Baht (approx. US$55).

There are plenty of immigrant authorities and wherever you are, you will not be far from one, but queuing can be long in some centers and it is not the most comfortable way to stay for a day or an evening, so it seems more natural to get a visas in advanced if you are sure that you will be in Thailand for more than 30 nights.

As the Thai authorities periodically amend these regulations, make sure that this information is still accurate if you read it at any point in the far away world. Tell us what you want to tell us during your backpack trip to Thailand and to one of your favorite off the well-trodden paths, which can be a welcome diversion from the tour.

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