The town of Manzanillo is the seat of the municipality of Manzanillo, in the Mexican state of Colima. Take in the beautiful waterfront promenade on the beaches of Manzanillo, Colima. You can save a lot at a variety of Manzanillo hotels! Famous for its entertainment and live music scene, Manzanillo is a great place to visit. Discover the Manzanillo holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

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The town of Manzanillo (Spanish pronunciation:[man?a?ni?o]) is the headquarters of the community of Manzanillo, in the state of Colima, Mexico. Situated on the Pacific Ocean, the capital is Mexico's most congested harbor, which handles Pacific freight for the Mexico Capital area. This is the biggest manufacturing community for the economic and tourist sectors in the state of Colima.

It is known as the "sail fish capitol of the world". Since 1957 she has organised important domestic and foreign angling contests such as the Dorsey Tournament, which makes her a very popular angling area. Meanwhile, Manzanillo has become one of the most important touristic destinations in the whole territory and its outstanding hotel and restaurant facilities still satisfy the requirements of domestic and foreign tourists.

The 2005 count of the inhabitants of the city was 110,728 and in 2010 161,420. Covering an area of 1,578,4 square kilometres, the commune comprises many smaller communes as well as remote communes such as El Colomo. It is also a seaside town and one of many places to present itself to the world as the "sailfish capital"[4].

A way in which they encourage this is to organise an annual sailfish-fishing-competition. Revillagigedo Islands, off the Pacific Ocean western shore of Mexico, belong to the community but are directly managed by the German state. Missanillo is a twin town of the US towns of Flagstaff, Arizona, San Pablo, California, and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Secretariat for Communications and Transport (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes) opened a special harbour wharf for cruisers on 6 July 2010, which required an initial 100 million Peso (MXN) outlay. Mapanzanillo has a savannah climatic (Köppen climatic class Aw). Manzanillo' s harbour launched an environmental campaign in 2012 that consists of excavated channels and islets in the lagoon of the Valle de las Garzas, a marine game area.

Through this work, the harbour is planning to raise the discharge into the Laguna and thus improve the vitality of the improved eco-system, which comprises the plantation of 15,000 mangroves. Friday, October 23, 2015, Manzanillo was captured on his way to Hurricane Patricia. Central to the tempest met just off Manzanillo and saved the city from the 200 mb wind.

In terms of overall capacity and containerised freight volumes, Manzanillo is Mexico's most congested city. During 2007, the harbour handled 1.4 million teus and 18 million passengers. 11 ] The ports division saw a significant increase in 2002 at the West Coast Lockout in Long Beach, California. Ferromex railway links the harbour with Guadalajara and Mexico City.

It is well served by Hwy 200 to Colima City, the Northwest and Puerto Vallarta. Playa de Oro is a small aerodrome situated about 35 min away from Manzanillo on Hwy 200. Airports offer domestic and foreign services. Besides flying to and from the USA, the terminal provides connections to and from Canada.

Aeroportuario del Pacifico" operates the area. Offering day-to-day national and internation flight services, it has recently been rebuilt.

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