Herring Mansi

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Herring Mansi

Giovanni Domenico Mansi (1692-1769) previously issued only a leaflet on Labbé, but later also this new issue of the Counsels "Sacrorum nciliorum conova et amplissima collecttio". Later on it was resumed and also contains everything that was released in older compilations. Volumes 1-31 (33-1439 A.D.) of this compilation are by Mansi himself with title:

The concilium sacrororum and the collective exhibition, in praise of P. Labbeus and G. Cossartius and novissim N. Coleti in Lukeidere, ea emnia imuper suite in loci optium disperosita exhibentur by J. D. Mansi evolution. From or Patre Mansi Curata Accedunt nota, et dissertationes quam plurimae, etc.

Tome's 31 suppl.-34 are a later addition (after Mansi's death) to the above mentioned by Labbé (ed. 1728-1733) 1440-1727 A.D. Tome 35 is a later replica of parts of Mansi's "Supplement to Labbé" (6. v., 1748-1753), which are not contained by him in this series. "J "J.B. Martin et L. Petit,"

The BBC NEWS | Europe | Siberia's Mansi death squad

It' not hard to find the Mansi from the Ural Mountains. The only thing that makes it more difficult is that the Ural Mansi are a race that is extinct. We found 32 of the Mansi in the town of Yurta Anyamova, the largest of them. As one of 45 tribal tribes who live in Russia, the Ural Mansi speaks a Finno-Ugric langua.

mansi" means "forest dweller". "This means that the number of all-Ural Mansi is decreasing at a rapid pace and now fluctuates around 150 in all. The Mansi blossomed as a nation in Czarist Russia and then in the USSR, tending their reindeers in the forests of North Russia, undisturbed by what others referred to as "civilization".

The tradition was profound and the Mansi had their own rituals to ensure a sound and prosperous family. "It' s been a long while since someone took care of the Mansi's needs, but things are starting to change. "No marriages here for almost 17 years - the Mansi numbers are dropping.

Mansi need new life - and the way there is to bring the south Ural Mansi together with other Mansi northbound. It is considered one of the possible successful histories in the Mansi Rescue Rosary Co. group. It' best to get married in our own nation.

" Whilst campaigning to defend tribal groups has received much publicity in some regions of the globe, the Russian natives have received little publicity. RAIPON (Russian Federation of Tribal Peoples) is doing its best to address the question of tribes such as the Mansi at the global stage. "If a group like the Mansi were to become extinct, it would be a cataclysm.

Nowadays, tribal peoples are like a final obstacle between industry and environmental health," says Rodion. For Mansi men, with a lifespan of only 42 years, Anyamov looks to a dark world.

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