Manilla Road

Mánilla Street

With a heavy heart we announce the death of our beloved brother Mark ("The Shark") Shelton, founder and lead guitarist of Manilla Road. Finish your Manilla Road record collection. Explore the complete discography of Manilla Road.

Greetings, brothers of the hamer, these have been very difficult times for so many of us, and I trust you all hold up your minds and skulls.

Greetings, brothers of the hamer, these have been very difficult times for so many of us, and I trust you all hold up your minds and skulls. In the next few workdays we will have more information here. More information will follow in the next few weeks.

On this journey we also visited the Frost and Fire Festivals in California and then we ended the journey with a great show at the Day of Darkness Festivals in Baltimore. Well, these records weren't all made in 2017, but then we got the project so far that it could be out.

There' s a great deal of work from many different points of view that goes into the making of an album and nothing comes out fast. There' s the graphical organization and the lay-out of the publication not only for CD, but also for LP and nowadays sometimes cassettes. Even the label's work is still very much to do before the publication.

Mediation of promotions and advertisements for publication. There' s more, but I think I said enough to give you the impression that these records don't just jump out of our magic cap when we flick our nick. A lot of effort and work is invested in these ventures and many of them are not even in the group.

Although it may seem to some that I made 3 records in one year, it was the highlight of several years of work that ended in the same year. The Midgard Sound Labs have succeeded in completing and releasing 3 records in 2017. On the one hand the second Hellwell publication Behind the Demon's Evyes on High Roller Records in real life and on Hellwell Press in the field of electronic releases.

And last but not least, the third album of the year with Rick Fisher and me is the compilation of a new band named Riddlemaster. Most of the records I've recorded in a year. Surely Hellwell is the hardest and most darkly of the publications with a certain focus on aggressive dooms and bad reefs.

I mean that The Blolessed Courses was a big idea and To Knight is more of a song group. For me it's more of a rectilinear record with some epoxy balls and tracks that are more in a more conventional metall-fashion. Having released such a great epoxy venture as The Blolessed Courses, I was determined to do something more for this kind of sense.

It mixes with pleasure from record to record. It' s great to make an idea book, but at the same pacing is great and you don't have to focus on just one action. This Riddlemaster record is even more customary in the way that it is mostly full of standardized rocking n rolls textured music.

Everything else on the record is very strongly in Hardrock and not in Meta. It' a little too early to say how the Riddlemaster is accepted, but so far most of the ratings and feedbacks we have are very high. It is therefore very likely that there will be another Riddlemaster record in the near distant past.

Probably not the whole record. We now have To Put A King Tops in our shop that you can find by going to the Goods page on this page. We' ll also have the new Riddlemaster record in our warehouse. We' re always happy if you tell us what kind of goods you would like to have with us, and we do our best to offer you what we can.

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