Mandi Bahauddin


The city of Mandi Bahauddin is located in central Punjab, Pakistan. This is also the capital of Mandi Bahauddin District. Receive the Mandi Bahauddin weather forecast. Explore Mandi Bahauddin with the help of your friends.


It is a town in the centre of Punjab, Pakistan (Punjabi and Urdu: ???? ????). This is also the main town of Mandi Bahauddin District. It is situated about 220 meters above sealevel in the centre of Punjab, between the Jhelum River (north 12 km) and Chenab River (south 39 km).

It' also known as the Lion Town for its courageous men.

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The Punjabi and Urdu (??? ????) is a county in the Pakistani Punjab region. In the north-west it borders on the Jhelum River, in the south-east on the Chenab River (which divides it from Gujranwala and Gujrat districts) and in the south-west on the Sargodha County.

It covers an area of 2,673 sqkm. The Mandi county currently has 1.5 million inhabitants, mainly due to the latest developments and better health care in the town. It is a part of the Chaj Doab between the Jhelum and Chenab River.

Situated between 30° 8' and 32 40' and 73° 36' and 73 37' E, the capitals of Phalia and Malikwal are 22.5 and 28.5 kilometers respectively from Mandi Bahauddin. The area is bordered to the north by the Jhelum stream, which divides it from Jehlam County; to the West by Sargodha County; to the Southeast by the Chenab stream (which divides it from Gujranwala and Hafizabad County); and to the Easterly by Gujrat County.

Covering a surface area of 2,673 sqkm. It includes Mandi Bahauddin, Phalia and Mallikwal toils. The son of Ch Ahmed Yar Gondal was baa-ud-Din baha on November 12, 1964 in Mandi. In 1985 he received a degree from the University of Punjab, Lahore. In the 2002 parliamentary elections, he was voted a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly.

In 1951-55 his grandpa, Ch Sai Muhammad, was a member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, 1956-58 a member of the Provincial Assembly of West Pakistan and 1962-65 a member of the Provincial Assembly of West Pakistan; his sire was a member of Majlis-e-Shura in 1983; vice-chairman of the Gujrat District Council in 1984 and a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in 1993-96; and his uncle, Ch Sultan Mahmood Gondal, was a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in 1997-99.

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