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Beautiful views of Mandaley - Review of Mandalay Hill, Mandalay, Myanmar

It' one of the two best places for the Mandaley sundown. I' d say if you are visiting Myanmar during your Myanmar holiday, please come back at sundown, if you have the chance. It' a good place of worship for the whole town, in additon to the sundown. Visiting Sandalay at sundown is a must if you are in Sandalay.

This artistic, elaborate and colorful work of art, panorama vistas, typical Myanmar people, it really is an amazingly beautiful one. Visiting at sundown is a must. So we made the mandatory "sunset" trip. There was still a glimpse of the town, the stream and the arable land. It'?s definitely something to see you about. It' probably my favorite Mandalay landmark.

Wonderful place & large area, sunsets & sunrises are so nice, there is an entry price of 1000kyat. The Mandalay is vibrant in the early and late afternoons, as the locals walk up and down the mountain to move, jog and hike. I' ll suggest following the stairs all the way up, going the way a few visits to be among the locals.

An awesome top-down look and a cold breeze to repay the perspiration. Were you in Mandalay Hill?

andaley - Review of the Kuthodaw Pagoda & the largest book in the world, Mandalay, Myanmar

Nice, always ready to be barefooted, it's calm, tranquil and an adventure I'll be remembering for the remainder of my Iife. Barely any human beings, very peacefully and quietly. At the southern entry you can buy freshly cut flower, soda and snack, but the western entry to the Sisters' Pagoda was also open.

It' definitely a worthwhile excursion, but don't go over the altitude of the sun so that your legs don't burn on the marmor. It' s a great one - not the kind of work Europeans could have expected, and it made me laugh as I worked it out. Were you in the Kuthodaw Pagoda & the biggest books in the world?

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