Mandalay vs Yangon

andalay versus yangon

I' d choose Mandalay over Yangon. It is also easy to get to Yangon and Mandalay from Chiang Mai. Flying to Yangon, spend a night in Yangon and then take the night bus to Bagan. The Yangon was the cheaper variant, the larger, busier, better known. To be honest, Mandalay himself is nothing special.

It was Mandalay or Yangon: What's better?

Which is the biggest town in Myanmar, Mandalay or Yangon? In Myanmar, Mandalay or Yangon, all major countries have an intrinsic rivality between their two megacities. However, both often appear in the top 4 Myanmar tourist list. Remember to take out tourist health cover before every journey to Myanmar.

Bustling and messy, Yangon has a vibrant outdoor cuisine and a vibrant local community that attracts adventurous countrymen with trade and opportunities prospects. Lonely Planet's Myanmar Travel Guide is also recommended to help you organize your journey. Mandalay was the last kingly capitol of ancient Burma, and King Mindon founded the town around the extensive area of the King's Palace.

King Mindon ordered a set of monuments around the palace as a testimony to his rule and worship: Together they make up part or all of the archaeological zone of Mandalay. King Mindon said if the fiefdynasty were to end (as King Thibaw did in 1885), it would go out with a thump.

In fact, with most of these mid-19th c. stuctures, Mandalay is astonishingly new. As in Yangon, the town is well designed - but with plants and bush. Just as Yangon is a concret jungles, Mandalay is an urbane park. Located in the heart of Myanmar's arid climate, Mandalay is warm and moist all year round, but in harmony with its surroundings it is also invigoratingly relaxing and unwinding.

However, the town has a notoriety on its backpack belts, and in joint conversations with travelers it is Yangon that is usually advantage. However, the town is surprising and delivering more than just that. There' s a Nyaung Shwe to Mandalay at Inle Lake by overnight coach. By booking in advance at one of the various agents, a coach will take you to the coach rendezvous.

He leaves around 7:30 and reaches Mandalay around 3:00. The breakfast is at the Nylon Hotel and Garden Hotel, but not at the ET Hotel. Have you enjoyed on the Road to Mandalay... It's Not Yangon? andalay vs. yangon - which town do you like better?!

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