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Ferry connections from Mandalay to Bagan, with the exception of the slow ferry (only available on certain days of the week), are closed in April, May and June when the water level in the river is low. At your hotel in Mandalay, ask if they can organize this type of trip for you. About Mandalay: Travel Guide & Important Information The Mandalay was the last stop on our four-week trip through Myanmar. As if we hadn't seen enough highlight in the last few days, Mandalay still succeeded in blowing us up. We' re heads over toe high in our passion for travel and photo.

In our travel log we give you useful travel hints and handy photographic hints.

We' re heads over toe high in our passion for travel and photo. In our travel log we give you useful travel hints and handy photographic hints. We' re heads over toe high in our passion for travel and photo. In our travel log we give you useful travel hints and handy photographic hints.

Six full working nights were spend in Mandalay, where we explored not only the town itself, but also the main places in the area: Monywa, Pyin U Lwin, Mingun, Amarapura, Inwa, sagaing. This article will show you which places of interest and attractive places Mandalay has to boast and give you hints for rewarding daily excursions in the near and far surroundings.

As a rule, a whole full working days is enough to see all the important places of interest in Mandalay for yourself. In this section we tell you everything about our Mandalay-Lights. The Mandalay Hill is a 236 meter high hill in the northern part of the town. The Kuthodaw Pagoda is situated at the bottom of Mandalay Hill. Although you think you have seen all sorts of repetitions of Buddha sculptures in Myanmar, the Buddha in the Mahamuni Pagoda will still astound you.

Not only is it rich in gemstones, it is also decorated with golden leaves every single night by tens of millions of visitors. The Buddha is believed to be 3 to 12 tonnes of golden leaves. By chance, only masculine followers may come closer to the Buddha image and put on the gilt film.

Talking of gilt leaf: Mandalay's blade manufacturing is still done with labor alone. They can buy a small package of golden leaves for only 3,000 kyats and put it on the Mahamuni Buddha themselves. This former royal palace covers a vast, almost quadratic area of 2×2 kilometres in the centre of Mandalay city centre.

Probably you can jump over a trip through the castle area, because there is not much to see there. In Mandalay, prices for hotels are generally lower than in the remainder of the state. and we only spend $23 a nights. Located in a good area, the guesthouse has basic, contemporary rooms and a relatively good bed and breakfasts.

Unfortunately the last few nights of our visit the night was fully booked, so that we relocated to the Night Sweet Hotels. For something more luxury, we suggest the Hometel. In Mandalay it is really simple to find your way because the roads in the centre of the centre are laid out in a raster and have numbers instead of a name.

Mandalay is quite big overall and it's not much of a pleasure to walk around. This way you are quick and agile in Mandalay and have an excellent opportunity to make daily excursions to Amarapura, Inwa and sagaing. There' s a lot of fairly straightforward travel, and since you are on the right side of the roads in Myanmar, it should be much simpler to get used to it than in other South East Asia places - if you come from mainland Europe or another right-wing state.

Simply ask for the best place to charter a roller in your guesthouse, they should be able to reach you. So we could lease one directly from the guesthouse and pay 1,000 kyats anhour. On our journey to Monywa, about which we will tell you more below, we engaged Zaw Zaw as our chauffeur and tourleader.

Ask him anything you ever wanted to know about Mandalay and Myanmar. In the immediate surroundings of Mandalay there are several attractions. There are three great attractions in the south-west of the town that you can explore with a full stop. First we show you what these three cities have to say and then we give you some hints for your itinerary.

Legaing hill extends westwards of the Irrawaddy River. They are not really big pagoda hightlights, but together they make Sagaing something very different. On the other hand, we were quite spoilt after four week in Myanmar and it was difficult to get even more enthusiastic about new apes.

When you begin your journey to Myanmar in Mandalay, you will be impressed by what you see in this city. It was once the capitol of a string of Myanmar empires that lasted more than 400 years. Travellers often drive horse-drawn coaches through Inwa, which can be rented for around 8,000 kyats per itinerary.

Only a few kilometres away from Inwa, the next Königsstadt is waiting for you. From Mandalay we made the journey to the three cities in a gorgeous scenery. We first went to sagaing, then to Inwa, and eventually we observed the Amarapura sundown. It is possible to make the whole journey in one and the same days if you depart early enough in the mornings.

From Mandalay, we left around 8:30. On the way from Sagaing to Inwa you have to make a long way around to get over the small Myitnge overpass. It is also possible to do the trip by means of local transportation, but it is quite impractical and almost impractical to do in one workday.

As an alternative you can engage a chauffeur or a tourist leader for the route. If not, then another way is to make an on-line booking with a personal travel agent and driver: Excursion to Amarapura and Ava from Mandalay. Last thoughts on the tour: Amarapura and Inwa is an absolutely must if you are in Mandalay that you should not miss.

For us sagenaing is not quite so thrilling, but you can install it between the other two places quite well. Situated to the north west of Mandalay, Mingun is a testimony to complete delusion. There is a 9 o'clock boat from Mandalay to Mingun every workday.

Launch back to Mandalay at 12:30. Shuttle exits Mandalay at the end of the 26th Street. Tickets cost 5,000 kyats per passenger (round trip), and you also have to buy 5,000 kyats entry to Mingun. The last thoughts we had on the tour: However, if you don't have that much free spare tire available, we suggest you explore Mandalay or take a full days excursion to Amarapura and Inwa instead.

However, as you will be returning to Mandalay in the early afternoons, you will have plenty of free space to do something different with the remainder of the outing. Honestly, after four week in Myanmar, we began to get a little too fed up with the shelters. From the outside it already looks very different from any other Myanmar dojo.

It is definitely the most amazing in Myanmar! $90 for the whole excursion, plus the price of the automobile. This is a little tight for a full days out, because you also need some exploring when you arrive. When you are looking for accommodation in Monywa, we are told that the Jade Royal Hotel Monywa is quite good.

The last thoughts we had on the tour: The Monywa is an absolutely Myanmar landmark that many travellers have not even seen for some time. From Mandalay we strongly suggest this excursion or even an overnight stay in Monywa. Pyin Oo Lwin lies just east of Mandalay at an elevation of 1,100 metres and was once a holiday destination for the English settlers during the hottest years.

Not for the Brits this year, but for the wealthier citizens of Mandalay. The Pyin Oo Lwin looks very different from most places in Myanmar. Pyin Oo Lwin's highlights are the huge Botanical Gardens with well-tended lawns and no visible rubbish. This is a very special view in Myanmar.

Pyin Oo Lwin is the ideal place to get away from the hubbub and hot weather of Myanmar. Here are our hints for the tour: The best way to get to Pyin Oo Lwin is to use a collective cab that you can take with up to four of you.

At your Mandalay resort, ask if they can organize this type of travel for you. There are several different types of accommodation available if you want to stay longer in Pyin Oo Lwin. The Royal Green is recommended. The last thoughts we had on the tour: Pyin Oo Lwin is a very different side of Myanmar.

However, it is not really a must for a first journey to Myanmar, especially when there is little to do. Mandelay has so much to give and we were really pleasantly amazed. The Mandalay is an ideal base for trips and was unfortunately the last stop on our journey.

With Bangkok Airways we eventually took a flight from Mandalay to Chiang Mai and had to say goodbye to "Good bye, Myanmar" after 31 beautiful day. You ever been to Mandalay?

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