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Coming from Annisaton airport to Yangon by plane. Locate tours that start in Mandalay and end in Yangon in Myanmar (Burma). Mandalay to Yangon bus: Booking your Mandalay (MDL) to Yangon (RGN) flight with our best price guarantee. Bus express from Yangon to Mandalay.

Straight to Yangon by rail, coach, flight to Yangon from 357.8htb.

There are three overnight services a day on the 630 km Yangon-Mandalay line in 15h. As there is a lot of rivalry between coach operators operating on the same line, there is no shortage of ways to get to Yangon by coach. Coaches are the cheapest way to get around, but many don't have the comforts.

Züge are quite on time and slow than busses and more costly, but some have sleepers with which one can slept the whole nut/mother. At least once in Burma, why not take a railroad just to match the railroad and coach? After the inauguration of your Burma Railway trip, we would not be surprising if you decided to use your own railway whenever possible!

No. Burma railways offer neither additional convenience nor are they quicker than busses and less expensive. Why take the rail in Burma then? Burma's railways were constructed by the British during the British Empire and the ambience of that era can still be felt when you look at a multitude of things, such as the semaphore.

There are currently three daily services from Mandalay to Yangon at 6am, 3pm and 5pm (#12, #6 and #4). They all take 15hrs to get to Yangon Central Station. The #12 and #6 have seating only, while the #4 has sleepers. Scheduled, the two afternoons are the best option as they run at midnight, so you can skip your stay early in the mornings ( 6:00 and 8:00) and get to the terminal so that you have the whole working days ahead of you.

Yangon Central is the Yangon Central Train Way stop on Kun Chan Road, opposite the arena. Mandalay train stations are situated at the junction of 79 and 30 Streets, just southwest of the palace's southwest area. This means that there are always two ways to buy train tickets:

When you think 15 hour too much, you can share your trip in the Myanmar capitol, Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw. An intentionally constructed town between 2002 and 2012 is a strange place with stringent zoning: there are living, army, ministry und hotels areas; the cosmopolitan embassy area as well as shops, recreational and religion areas.

Broad, empty streets, no large malls, an apparent shortage of school and other infrastructures necessary for a town of this magnitude creates a peculiar ambience of an deserted place, although it is not - with over a million people. Nay Pyi Taw is 320 km from Yangon.

In this case you should leave Mandalay by 6am and take one of the night services (No 6 at 8.36pm or No 4 at 10.51pm) later the same morning after a stroll through the town.

There' s also the 8th platoon, which leaves Naypyidaw at 8 pm. Alternatively, if you haven't yet inspected the Golden Rocks, it's a good option to get off at Bago, Pegu Acres. At 7 pm the first takes you to Bago - you have to stay the whole city and climb Kyaiktiyo Mountain the next evening; the second comes early in the mornings at 6 am and allows you to see the icons and come to Yangon the same evening before the other.

It' s a two hour journey by Bago-Yangon rail. Mandalay has the central coach terminal, Yangon busses and other stops due southwest and southwest of the town, the highway coach terminal, which is 8km southwest of the town. There' s a wide range of busses to chose from - from sparse fans' busses to average and confined spaces, to luxury sleepers, the most costly and convenient way to commute.

Most of the busses that go to Yangon are night busses that take about 10 hrs to get to their destination, although there are also a few early bird busses. At Yangon, Mandalay busses mainly come to Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal or Highway Bus Terminal. It is 7km north-east of Yangon International Airports (approx. 24km from the main station).

You can reach the center of the town easily by cab - it costs about 10 USD. After you have already reserved your accomodation, ask your hotel to collect you from the train-it is unlikely that they will provide a free collection, but they can arrange a slightly less expensive one.

The No. 43 shuttle service from the train stop to Suli Paya is less than 1 USD and lasts about one h. Fly the quickest and most costly way between Mandalay and Yangon. The Mandalay International Aerodrome is 45 km south-west of the town.

You will not find any means of transportation from the town to the international airports. Yangon International Yangon International is located 17 km from Yangon Central Station. There is no local transportation - in the meaning that there is no buses or trains to the terminals, but you can still get to the center by coach or rail if you have to walk or take the rail.

Pa Ywet Seik Kone, the nearest round railway terminal, is about 2 km away. There is a MMK100 fare to get you to the main railway stop. Please note that the offical taxicab fare from the airports is MMK8.000/USD8. Until recently, Yangon was the only gate to the land for any foreigner.

There are now a number of Mandalay connections and a number of Thai crossing points are open to all. But Myanmar's former capitol, Yangon, will remain a must on any Myanmar route. As a crucible of civilizations, Yangon was influenced and absorbs English, Hindi and Canadian.

As one of the most expansive towns in Southeast Asia, Yangon is conquering the heart with its colorful blend of gold peagodas, native exotics and a sincere smile with blood-red teeths occupied with masticating atelias. Although a few years ago many limitations for overseas travellers were lifted and you don't get mandatory detoxification on a visit to Yangon and the remainder of the land, there are relatively few internat.

Yangon, the country's former capitol and once the only gate to Burma for non -nationals, is linked by plane to many local and metropolitan areas, among them Bangkok in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with many other locations that are easily accessible by connection via these two main towns. Further down the road, think of Thaton (7 hrs by train) or Mawlamyaing, the main town of the state of Mon, 300 km from Yangon (10 hrs by train).

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