Mandalay to Monywa Bus

Monywa Bus to Mandalay

Anyone know exactly when the bus leaves Mandalay for Monywa? One slower alternative is to take a bus from Mandalay. Can this be done with public transport in one day? There is always a pleasant chaos at the bus station of the city. Reduced hotels near Thiri Mandala bus station (for Monywa, Shwebo), Mandalay.

Arrival to Monwya

Choose different modes of transportation for information and click on the map to enlarge it. Kalewa ferries leave at 4 pm every day and arrive at 10 pm. The prizes are K16.000 basic and K32.000 advanced. They have large TVs and sometimes even live sound (similar to Myanmar's buses). Homalin also offers day-trips.

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A town in Sagaing Division, North Burma. From Mandalay (26. m., near 90. m.) there is a bus without A/C. The ride lasts about 3 hrs for 3500 Kyats and includes a 20-30 minute rest. It' probably safe to take the bus from the bus terminal and reserve your seats.

There is a bus from Bagan starting at 9:00 a.m., then at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and lasts about 3-4 hrs with several stop. You can book at the new bus terminal, which is 7 km from the town centre (no more than 3500 CZK, which is the cost of the locals!), haggling is charged approx. 5000 CZK. A non-aircom bus leaves from the new bus terminal at 9:30 am.

This took 3,500 kyats and took 3'5h. At the old bus terminal (the cash desk is next to the "Nation Restaurant" in Google Maps) a bus leaves at 10 am. Between the bus terminal and the town centre should not be more than 1000 K. Consider the service of Arkar, a native who can speak English very well and can organize the transportation of all kinds of motorcycles to the VINCRO.

Very reasonable rates for this single traveler (500k from bus terminal to hotels, 8000k for half-day motorcycle tours with color palaces and large Buddhas). Very recommendable - he is easily recognizable at the bus terminal, as he is the only one who can speak good English and is shy.

Shwwe Taung Tarn Guesthouse provides a motor taxidriver to Thanboddhay and Boddhi Tataung for 12,000kyaat. The Tanboddhay Cave. Situated about 12 km south-east of Monywa, or about 30-45 minutes in Toktuk. Constructed between 1939 and 1952, the Buddha is characterized by numerous small Buddha statues (allegedly more than 500,000).

Opposite the cloakroom is a small lighthouse that can be ascended (women cannot ascend it). At 8 km from the Thanboddhay Buddha statue there are 3 large Buddha sculptures and a gold Buddha statue, which offers an amazement. A Buddha is on his side, another is on his side and also a smaller one (sits with a serpent in his back).

Entering the inside of the Buddha stand, which is made up of several tales. A further large seated Buddha is under building (2016). About 42 km from Monywa. The Phayagyi Pagoda. The Phayagyi Pagoda is situated in the heart of the town. Many charter yachts here, folks wash their body and clothing, homes live in shipwrecks and it is a good place to unwind a little and see everyday Iife.

A lot of streetside cafes appear after sundown, and the town centre begins to become very vibrant. It seems to be in the centre of the town around the Uhrturm, on the main road and in the surroundings there are several local inns. The new Golden Arrow Hotel, situated directly in the centre, rooms look shoddy, air conditioning cannot be set and breakfasts consist of chilled brimmed egg and onast.

Attempt to get a room on the right side of the street to prevent early dawn noises. Shwe Taung Tarn Guest House, the most beloved guest house for Monywa visitors as it is the first choice of Loney Planet. There' s a 6:00 a. m. express to Mandalay.

The bus to Mandalay leaves every h. The best thing to do is to get the hotelier to make your booking.

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