Mandalay to Hpa an Bus

Hpa and bus Mandalay

Have a day of Mandalay & then Night Bus to Hpa An & Enjoy there!

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I' ll start in Mandalay and then drive on to Bagan and then to Inle Sea, followed by Yangon - Golden Rock - Hpa An. But I wonder if I can go directly by bus from Bagan or Inle to Hpa An and then via Golden Rock to Yangon.

Are there any busses to Bagan - Hpa An or Inle Hpa An? neither Bagan-Hpa An nor Inle-Hpa An. Yeah, there is no straight one, as Nicholas says. There is a bus from Mandalay to Hpa An. From Inle to Hpa An, I suggest you take the bus from Taunggyi (city on Lake Inle) to Mawlamyaing (one hours ride from Hpa An and it is also great to be spending a whole days as it was the first Colonization city).

There' s a bus from Inle to Hua-an, journey time approx. 14 h. I don't think any of Myanmar's busses have a bed. However, interesting, when I did a quest from Nyaung Shwe for Hpa An, I could not find a bus from January 20 to January 26. Nyaung Shwe to Hpa An, but no bus from Hpa An to Nyaung Shwe.

On January 26, 2018 or February 6, 2018, I tried to search "one way", "foreigner". There is no bus from Hpa An to Nyaung Shwe. I thought you wanted a bus from Inle?

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What do you suggest? At the moment it goes to Bagan, Yangon and Lake Inle - with about 3 extra day to save I would be happy about thoughts about Hpa-An vs Mandalay. What do you suggest? Hpa-An is the right place if you are in the middle of the countryside (cave, hill, thermal spring). Mandalay is the place to be if you are interested in cultural activities (ancient town, castle, architecture).

What do you suggest? Hpa-An is a small place, depending on what interests you. What do you suggest? Spend a full night on Mandalay and then a night bus to Hpa & enjoy it! What do you suggest?

WERE thought there were too many monasteries to see, so we chose to go to either Mandalay or Bagan, but not both, so my decision would be the natural environment around Hpa-An.

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