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So where do we find these buses in Mandalay? To find out more about Myawaddy to Hpa-an, see our Myawaddy Transport Info. I' m planning a trip to Myanmar in November. But I wonder if I can go directly by bus from Bagan or Inle to Hpa An and then via Golden Rock to Yangon. Hpa-An flights from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier and others.

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Hello, we're from Mandalay. We're going to Hpa-an. I' ve been reading that there are busses for this. Can I know: 1. if there are busses from Mandalay to Hpa-an? So where do we find these busses in Mandalay? Thanks a lot! I found on an interesting website an out of date information about a night coach from hipay to mandalay (about 15 hours), but I very much question that there is a straight line coach in the other way, I think there are not enough people. even if there is one, the coach mandalay-yangon-hpaan will probably be quicker, because of the very good motorway mandalay-yangon. I would guess you make at least 2 stations on this long stretch, maybe road to le sea and bags.

The Shwe Myo Taw Express runs on this line from Mandalay to Hpa An. He departs at 18:00 & coach ticket is 15500 Kyats & arriving at Hpa An around 7:00 in the mornings. Hello, is there a coach from Hpa-an to Mandalay? From Hpa-an to Mandalay you can take a overnight coach, which departs in the evenings between half past four and half past six and will arrive in Mandalay the next early afternoon, it will cost 16,000 MMK. page from July 2014.

Hpa-An Mandalay - 5 ways to get to Hpa-An by rail, air, bus, cab and minibus.

Which is the best way from Mandalay to Hpa-An? From Mandalay to Hpa-An the best way is the coach, which is 25? - 27 and lasts 15h6min. Which is the shortest way from Mandalay to Hpa-An? From Mandalay to Hpa-An the shortest way is the flight and cab, which cost 100 - 370 and take 4h20min.

So how far is it from Mandalay to Hpa-An? Mandalay and Hpa-An are 588 km away. So how long does it take from Mandalay to Hpa-An? The drive from Mandalay to Hpa-An lasts approx. 8h27min. Transfer included. Do you have a straight line between Mandalay and Hpa-An?

There is no unidirectional shuttle service from Mandalay to Hpa-An. There are connections from Mandalay to Hpa-An via Bagan and Yangon. It will take about 24 hours to get from Mandalay to Mandalay Airport (MDL), inclusive of transfer. From Mandalay to Mandalay airport, the best way is by cab, which lasts 28 minutes and cost 27? - 35?.

From where do I take the Mandalay to Hpa-An? From Mandalay to Hpa-An there are buses from Mandalay railway terminal which are run by OK Minibus. Which businesses operate between Mandalay, Myanmar and Hpa-An, Myanmar? From Mandalay you can take a coach to Hpa-An via Mandalay, Yangon Aung Mingalar and Yangon in about 15h6min.

You can also take the Mandalay to Hpa-An via Bago and Thaton by rail in approx. 18 hours 39 minutes. Would you like to know more about traveling around the globe? How to get from Sydney to Melbourne and from the international airports to Rome - so you can make the most of your next one.

Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Mandalay to Hpa-An.

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