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Booking flights from Mandalay to Bagan Nyaung U with eDreams. ("BPE-MDL") The airline's hub airports are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay Chanmyathazi Airport. From Bagan to Mandalay to Heho (Inle Lake) and back to Yangon. You can book your myanmar tickets now and enjoy our best offers online. andalay for a day and river cruise is very nice, driver service is excellent.

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Do you plan a stop in Bagan Nyaung U for commercial reasons, to see the whole household or for a well-deserved holiday? As an alternative, if you are looking for a place of inspection or are looking for flexibility on your itineraries, then take a look at when the cheaper ones to go to Bagan Nyaung U are.

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Looking for Mandalay on Bagan Nyaung U flights? Do you plan a trip to Bagan Nyaung U for holiday, company or private use? So if you are a bit felxible, we can help you find the best deal for your flight to Bagan Nyaung U, and if you need to leave soon, we can review our top last-minute offers.

Flights from Bagan Nyaung U to Mandalay

Max 2 kids per adulth. Up to 9 and 2 kids per person. There is a 9-passenger limit to get ready for your journey. Looking for flights from Bagan Nyaung U to Mandalay?

When you are on the move, we can help you find the best deal on your Mandalay flights, and when you need to depart soon, you can review our best last-minute rates. Find all the useful information about your next holiday location and continue with your reservations by entering your details and confirming your bookings with your family!

Flights to Bagan, Myanmar Domestic flights

Covering an area of 42 km2, Bagan has more than 2,000 well-preserved sites and monasteries built between the eleventh and thirteenth century. One of Myanmar's most important and beloved touristic sites, Bagan is littered with thousand of old-timers.

One of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia, Bagan was the capitol of Myanmar's first empire. One of the most beautiful, biggest, best conserved and most venerated of the Bagan Temple, the Ananda is completely renovated after the 1975 quake. Constructed around 1105 by King Kyanzittha, this marble contains four large Buddha wood statues, two of which seem to alter their appearance the nearer you get to the one.

Dammayangyi was constructed in the twelfth c. by Kalagya Min and looks like a side saw. Magnificent mortar-free masonry - the emperor ordered the tiles to be so close together that not even a needle was allowed to go through them. It is a cavern with a frescoed rock face dating from the eleventh c...

Begun by Anawratha, the Shwezigone Pagoda was complemented by the rule of Kyanzittha (1084-1113). The Shwezigone was said to anchor one of the four copies of the Buddha teeth from Kandy, Sri Lanka, and to highlight the north border of the town. Upali Thein has beautiful frescoes from the end of the seventeenth cent.

Blessing Stupa, constructed in 1277 by Narathihapati, is known for its delicate dimensions and the many lovely iced tile of yataka around its patios. Constructed by King Anawratha in 1057, the church clock consists of two eight-sided pedestals covering the five quadratic patios. It was the first memorial in Bagan with stairs upwards.

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