Mandalay to Bagan Bus

Sandalay to Bagan Bus

I want to travel from Mandalay to Bagan. I' m looking at the ferry, but I really don't like it. Either its too long or too fantastic a boat. Is JJ Express or ok bus preferred?

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There are four bus companies from Mandalay to Bagan, names are Shwe Man Thu, Aye Chan Mg, Nyaung U Man, Pyi Daw Aye. Nearly all busses arrive in Bagan and Mandalay, not much else. From Mandalay to Bagan it takes 6 h. Along the way, all busses stopped for 30 minutes to eat and take a dip.

Take a bus from Mandalay to Bagan.

Torun Tree - Bus operator Mandalay to Bagan (Nyaung U)

Well, I took the bus from Mandalay to Bagan last year. When I well recall, travelling of four and a half hour, include a break for supper at a filthy place (good season to burrow into the snack stock). It includes tickets to the ET Hôtel Downward and includes tickets to the bus terminal and to the Bagan Hotel.

Most of the bus trips in Myanmar include tektuk or minibuses.

Airport Mandalay to Bagan by rail, bus, taxi, plane from 279.01 TBA.

It is 180 km from Mandalay to Bagan. The busses run less than five hrs, the train takes at least seven hrs and the flight takes you to the wonderful old Pagoda in just onehr. For a more tasteful trip, you should take a Mandalay to Bagan or a trip to Monywa.

When you are a railway passenger, please take the following precautions before purchasing your railway tickets. Bagan International is in Nyaung U. There are over half a half tens of local airline services between Mandalay and Nyaung U airports every two years. Our first plane leaves Mandalay at 8am and the last one before 6pm.

Anticipate that your Mandalay Bagan trip will bring you back from 100 USD and more. However, the view over the Bagan Temple from aboard an airplane is fantastic - not only that it partially offsets the costs of the airline tickets, but also that one can cut costs in a hot-air baloon advent.

From Mandalay you can get to Bagan by air in an hours flight, but the distance between the two towns is probably one of the most scenic and can also be covered by ferry - see below. The Bagan International is in Nyaung U, just south of New and Old Bagan. There are no cash machines or bureaux de change at the international airports - make sure you have enough cash in your area.

Taxidrivers at the airports ask between MMK5,000 and MMK8,000 for a destination in Nyaung U, New & Old Bagan. When booking your accomodation in one of the mid-range or top hotel, make sure there is a free shuttle from the Aiport. Please note: Entry to the Bagan Archaeological Zone is payable directly at the Aiport.

Without your Bagan tickets you will not be released from the terminals. There are at least three large bus terminals in Mandalay. From Mandalay to Bagan, take a bus to the Highway Bus Terminus, also known as Chan Mya Shwe Pyi. Since the vast bulk of bus terminals are in Myanmar, it is a good distance from the center - about 8 km southwards.

Bagan has frequent sailings throughout the whole days, which are carried out by a large number of businesses. As so often in Myanmar there are quite strange departure times, e.g. busses that leave Mandalay in the afternoon after 9pm and arrive in Bagan after noon. There is Bagan bus terminal next to its train terminal, also in Nyaung U. Tuk-tuk driver hit all incoming busses, but if you want to skimp a few dollars, use common taxi (MMK2,000) or leave the bus terminal, go to the motorway and mark a parking lot or a tuk-tuk to your goal, be it Old Bagan, New Bagan or Nyaung U (from MMK5,000).

Yes, you can take the Mandalay to Bagan rail. Between Mandalay and Bagan there are two overnight services daily: the 120, which depart at 9 pm and take you to Bagan the next mornings at 5 am and complete the line in less than 8 hrs, and the 118, which depart at 7.20 am and reach Bagan at 7 pm, which is almost 12h.

The #120 had regular grade and premium seating, but recently Myanmar Railways announced that they had been upgrading certain locomotives, including the #120, and now it also has the upscale. The No. 118 tram only has normal school places. There' re no sleeping on either platoon. When it comes to seating comforts, first-class seating does not differ much from normal seating - they have an upholstered lower seating position, but it doesn't help much.

Top-of-the-range seating is a leap forward - it is a flexible recliner and of course a much better option for individual travellers. The trip from Mandalay to Bagan by ferry is an adventurous one in itself. More information and our own experiences with the Irrawaddy River can be found in our Bagan-Mandalay River cruiser item.

Hint: You can take a ferry from Mandalay to Yangon. There are ferryboats and luxurious cruise ships from Mandalay to Bagan and some ferry boats continue to Pyay, where you have to transfer to another ferry that will take you to Yangon. There' s a beautiful roundabout way from Mandalay to Bagan.

Monywa is 130 km from Mandalay. Few people make it to here, although the town is easy to reach by bus from both Mandalay and Bagan. While even the most touristy populated areas in Myanmar still seem very genuine, Monywa is a typical Myanmar place with natives who live their everyday life without much thought about the needs of the people.

The Monywa Goldagodas, especially the sparkling Shwezigon Paya, are sensational, but the two major features, both not far from the town, are a breathtaking Buddha'Skyscraper', Bodhi Tataung, 130 m high, 20 km south-east of Monywa and a huge set of cavern shrines about 10 km westward of the Chindwin River, Pho Wing Taung and Shwe Bataung.

The drive from Mandalay to Monywa lasts about 3 hrs, from Monywa to Bagan (170 km) a little longer - up to 4h. In order to resume your journey to Bagan, you can take a bus from Monywa to Pakkoku - they run more often than Monywa Bagan busses and last about 3h.

Pakkoku has a ferry to Nyaung U. It will take an hours to get to the area of Bagan by ferry and will cost only MMK1,000/USD1, but overseasers are usually overpriced: Anticipate that they will be paying MMK5,000/USD5 - to get paid - Well, it's no mystery that they come to this place just for the sake of Buddhist Buddhism.

You' ll have temple for breakfasts as you try to capture the best views of Bagan's sunny morning from the Tanbyinnyu Bay; you'll have more temple for lunches while you count innumerable dents with your butt in a horse-drawn carriage visiting the sites; and of course another portion of temple at sundown - this times desperate to climb the Shwesandaw Bay; and lastly temple again for dinners, this truly in one of the humble self-payed in the courtyard din.

When Bagan is your last stop in the Big Four group, you can return to Yangon from there. There' s a regular Yangon rail service, a good selection of air and all-day bus services. Alternatively, you can go to Inle Lake via Kalaw: Take a bus to Kalaw, stay in the city for a whole days and then take a bus or rail to the lake.

Link via Yangon for targets south-east of Yangon include Thaton, Hpa-An, Mawlamyine, Myawaddy, Ye and Dawei. There' s no one-way connection to Ngapali Beach (Thandwe): Take a bus to Pyay and from Pyay to thanwe instead or take a flight via Yangon. From Yangon there are non-stop connections to the city of Yangon (one hours; from USD 110).

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