Mandalay to Bagan Boat

Sandalay to Bagan Boat

Anyone Have Any Information On Boat From Mandalay To Bagan? The Mandalay to Bagan Great Boat Ride - Review of Alliance Myanmar River Cruise (RV.Panorama), Mandalay, Myanmar

They drove from Mandalay to Bagan and had a very pleasant trip with air-conditioned, cosy seating and a sunny deck for sunbathing. The boat was about half full so had full array of seating to myself and the personnel was unbelievably cute and went over and over to be sure you were lucky.

but they were all very kind and I wasn't at the boat at all. I can' judge it any better. I am astonished that they are the number 1 of 6. We had e-mailed before our arrival to try to reserve Bagan from Mandalay without reply.

As our Mandalay resort was calling to try to make reservations by telephone, they answered that we had to write an e-mail. So, we went with one of their rivals and had a good run. We are really sorry, sir, that we could not reach you in good and timely for your request and we apologise for any inconvenience you may have had.

We' re now looking for all unanswered messages and have asked our reservations and sale teams to look for them. Forwarding your e-mail that was not answered to my e-mail,, would also make our quest easier. Possibly, some of the messages got directly into the jump mail folders and were not seen in good notice.

We' ve also asked the team to search for all e-mails in all files. But one thing is rather odd is the request at the Mandalay hotels, we do not ask to email when someone asks for seat requests in Mandalay, we are sending our agent to ship the tickets to the hotels and treat the client directly.

However, we will examine all these things and take all necessary measures for further investigations. So, please forward your e-mails to me if it doesn't disturb you and that would help us to track back in the work. On the RV Panorama I took the journey from Bagan to Mandalay.

After a big week-end in Bagan, the boat was not full, so I had the whole seating for stretching out and sleeping. This was a beautiful place to study and then a pint in the shadow of the evening. We serve breakfasts and lunches on the boat.

And I had the seafood for dinner, and it was tasty. It is not as thrilling (not as interesting as the Mekong), but this is a very pleasant way to get between Bagan and Mandalay, with plenty of reading and just nothing to do. and we took the boat from Mandalay to Bagan.

It has two floors with air conditioning and armchairs in the basement and a sunny terrace with dining and lounge on the upper part. Boat departed punctually at 6:30 am and breakfasts were delivered soon after. When we got back on the boat, they were serving us our dinner. Everyone is garnished with paddy.

It has two neat baths with restrooms and functioning taps. After arriving in Bagan at 5:30am, we had enough free day to watch the sun set in our new Bagan resort. Beautiful boat. It has a beautiful decks, several "beach chairs" for relaxing and a good seat in the boat.

A great breakfeast and a great meal. Make yourself a great joy and make this journey if you plan a tour from Bagan to Mandalay or vice versa. Just make sure you get the information you need.

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