Mandalay to Bagan

Sandalay to Bagan

andalay and Bagan are two of Myanmar's most fascinating destinations. RV Yandabo is a small luxury cruise ship proudly sailing between Mandalay and Bagan on the Ayeyarwaddy River. The cruises take place all year round on fixed dates. Tour Highlights. Taxi, minibuses and buses for airport transfers to and from Bagan.

andalay and Bagan are two of the most important stops on Myanmar's agenda.

From Mandalay, how to get to Bagan by boat, bus, train, airplane or air?

andalay is a great base for any journey to Myanmar. Myanmar's best is in this part of the land, and if your primary program is focused on Bagan and Inle Lake, you' ll begin your journey in Mandalay. During our last two-week Myanmar voyage we had a $225 return non-stop service from Chiang Mai to Mandalay on Bangkok Airways.

During 2 days we stayed in a Mandalay inn to discover all the sights of Mandalay. In Mandalay, after our trip, it was decided to go to Bagan. If you are travelling from Mandalay to Bagan, you have several transportation choices. You can take a boat to Bagan, bus or bus from Mandalay to Bagan, the notorious Myanmar rail journey, or you can even rent a personal chauffeur to take you from Mandalay to Bagan.

We will show you all the possibilities when you come to Bagan, and you can select what suits your travelling budgets and outfit. From Mandalay to Bagan we decided to go by ferry because we were hoping that this would be a picturesque way to get there. The easiest way to Bagan is by cruising on the Irrawaddy River.

A number of firms operate from Mandalay to Bagan, and the price and length of the cruise varies depending on the type of cruise you take. It is our wish that we had reserved this vessel, as it is not only transported to Bagan, but also visited the nearby community of Lekkapin in Myanmar.

Lean back and unwind on the sun deck or join the team that will show you how to dress the locals' longyi. Clic here to make an on-line booking, Bagan is sold out in advanced, so it is best to make an upfront booking.

We' ve reserved our journey at and the vessel we would not suggest (MGRG cruise). But it was the most sad one. The luncheon was roasted paddy or roasted pasta, but we decided to miss this one because it had the power to make us ill - one of our many Myanmar-taps.

Once the ferry reaches Bagan, you will be overwhelmed by cabs and horse-drawn coaches that will offer to take you to your accommodation. Overnight at the Kumudara in New Bagan, cabs initially wanted 20,000k, we said no and left to speak with other people. When you stay in a Old Bagan resort, you should not be paying more than 10,000k and when you stay in a Nyaung-U resort, it should not be more than 5,000k.

You can get to Bagan by cab or car. Viator's best value is an on-line reservation for only $69,- This is what we would do so we can prepay with our bank cards rather than haggling with a taxicaf? l?

Travelling to Bagan by cab gives you the liberty to get out if you want, let's get no one really like getting up really early on holiday. We recommend Ko Fatty (Yes, Fatty is his name) if you would rather hire a personal Mandalayriver. We' ve reserved Fatty for a full-time trip to discover all the activities in Mandalay, but he can also take you to and from Bagan or Inle Lake.

In Myanmar, if you want to engage a personal chauffeur for your whole journey, he can accompany you on several days of travel. Travelling by rail in Myanmar is an adventure, but it's not for everyone. Myanmar is known for its nutritious bumpiness and great rides.

For adventurous travelers, we suggest that you take a local at least once in Myanmar. It' now possible to go from Mandalay to Bagan. Nyaung-u (NYU) is one of the three most important towns where you can remain during a visit to Bagan. Here are several Bagan Hôtels and some of the best places to eat.

Bagan has several carriers, but only Mann Yadanarpon Airline has a one-way service from Mandalay (MDL) to Nyaung-u (NYU). From/to Mandalay Taxi for some occasion, airports are inexpensive, as there is a fixed rates to & from $10USD or 12,000k airports. Any other taxi ride in Mandalay will be 6,000 km if you go to a local pub just 5 min. away.

Mandalay is a very small airfield and it would not be necessary to be at the airfield more than 90 min. before the plane leaves. As soon as you arrive in Nyaung-U, there are taxi services to take you to your accommodation or most of them also provide transfer to and from the city. Airportaxis should have a fixed rates of 10,000k for Old Bagan and 5,000k for Nyaung-U airports.

When you are on your Myanmar flit, we recommend that you fly, as there is nothing romantical about Myanmar's busses and canoes. If you are looking for the best way from Mandalay to Bagan it is by coaches. Mandalay to Bagan busses or minibuses instead of large coaches.

SKIP, Myanmar's travelling tip - the overnight coach! Myanmar budgets often take the overnight coaches as they save overnight accommodations, but then they are picked up at 4am in Bagan. Not only have you not slept, but what are you going to do now, considering that most hotels do not register until 2 pm.

When our mates took the Mandalay to Bagan coach, they said that the truck was full of parcels going everywhere, the truck passed other cars, drove at high speed and said that they had never been as frightening as this trip. You can reverse the above routes from Mandalay to Bagan by looking for the route from Bagan to Mandalay.

When you get to Bagan, it's definitely a worthwhile trip. In Myanmar Bagan was our favourite place and must not be missing. Suggesting to spend at least 3 overnight stays in Bagan, we spend 5 overnight stays and think this was the right moment. Suggested Mandalay Hotels: Luxurious Mandalay Hotel $100+ Mandalay Hill 5 stars residence in the immediate vicinity of the ditch.

$50-$100 Midrange Mandalay The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique 4 stars hotels in the centre of Mandalay with contemporary rooms. Suggested Bagan Hotels: So how did you get to Bagan?

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