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Restaurant Mandalay

Many thanks for dinner at the Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restaurant and for your criticism. Come and experience our new look of the restaurant. The Mandalay Restaurant and Café brings dishes from all over Burma to the DC area. There is also a restaurant, café, fully licensed bar and urban grocer. You can order from the Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe in Silver Spring.

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In the Mandalay Restaurant, guests can savour Indonesian food and Dub Sum in one of Oahu's most stylish and modern environments in China. Situated in the centre of downtown Honolulu, the restaurant is full of the activities of its surrounding area, as local residents come together for informal dinners and informal gatherings, and as a place for families and boyfriends to talk and party.

Est. 1984

Connoisseurs of Burma's genuine food will find a lot to delight their palate and enjoy these piquant, savoury and sparkling coconuts. To do something different, explore Burma lettuce - a virtuoso cocophony of taste, with marinated and sliced tango, gherkin and roast cloves of apple in one variation; fresh tealeaves, roast groundnuts, prune tomato, jalapño pepper and crisply grilled lettuce in another.

Permanentely Enclosed - Review Mandalay Restaurant, Toronto, Canada

After 29 years, this beautiful restaurant is closing. Finding your way to Mandalay is not always straightforward. It is an entrance to a shopping centre just south of Markham Rd. and south of Lawrence Ave. Examples of variety are buffalo strips in prune gravy, kangaroo tenderloin in grape gravy and game in rosemary and helisin.

Most of the pipes were delicious and abundant, the presentations were more relaxed than subtle. The Mandalay company has been at this site for twenty years and has obviously built up a regular customer base. Go to Mandalay and overall you should not be dissapointed. I and my wife and daughter have been eating in Mandalay for many years and have never had anything but a great time.

There is a diverse and interesting meal plan, with one-of-a-kind offers such as buffalo and marmalade. They would hardly know that the restaurant is on the street, as it is located in a kind of industrial area, where there is a mixture of buildings of the administration and other companies. It used to be one of the best places to eat in Scarborough.

I thought they hesitated to give me a desk - I think I was alone. Restaurant less than half full. 15 min. waiting to be confirmed by waiters. they were too occupied to stop by the back to chat my desk.

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