Mandalay Power Plant

Power plant Mandalay

It is expensive to demolish a power station like the one in Mandalay. Power plant Mandalay (Google Maps). Here is a map of California's power plants, sorted by type and name. The NRG commissioned Southern California Edison with the power supply of the energy supplier.

NOG wants to close Oxnard power plant sooner than anticipated

As the prospects for the construction of a new power plant on the Oxnard coastline are low, NRG Energy Inc. has declared that it will shut down three power stations by the end of this year. NRG and its GenOn affiliate said in a motion to the California Public Utilities Commission that the three Mandalay Generating Station units will be shut down by December 31.

Geneva Energy Inc. spokesperson David Knox said the Mandalay plant was not chosen in a tender procedure with Southern California Edison about two week ago. This means that the owner of the power stations, GenOn, no longer has a deal with SCE. The NRG then expressed the wish to postpone the power plant proposal.

This application for a stay will be examined by the European Parliament during a meeting on 31 October. The opposition to the power plant - the town and a government alliance of environment associations - are against the application for cessation. It would be preferable for the Comission to take a definitive ruling. Should the power plant designs ever be adopted, NRG would construct a new gas-fired plant to substitute two of the three power stations by 2020.

It was planned to keep the third power plant in use. As a result of the latest notification to the Stadtwerke Commission, the power stations will be retiring sooner than planned. "There are no blueprints to destroy at this time," Knox said. It is expensive to take down a power station like the one in Mandalay.

The NRG has indicated that it would not have the funds to knock down the plant without the possibility of building a new one. CHRIST Williamson, a counselor for the town that worked on the power plant riot, said Oxnard is likely to press for closure. Sacramento will probably help the town, whether in the shape of laws or fiscal stimulus, to knock down old industry locations like Mandalay, Williamson said.

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