Mandalay places to Visit

Visiting Mandalay Places

Those looking for a variety of cultural attractions in Mandalay will not be disappointed by the many options to choose from. The Mandalay region's character and attractions of interest to tourists, including the famous temples of Bagan. Forums Mandalay Region - Bagan Forum. An all-in-one guide to Myanmar's second largest city, Mandalay. The very name "Mandalay" evokes from Kipling's poem seductive ideas of a quiet and peaceful place that is timeless and thoroughly Asian.

Best Attractions in Mandalay

The Mahamuni Pagoda (also known as Mahamuni Buddha Temple) is situated south-west of the Mandalay Hill in Myanmar and honours the Mahamuni Buddha image. Probably the most important one for the inhabitants of Mandalay, the sanctuary was constructed to accommodate a 3.8 meter high Buddha sculpture, which was already old when King Bodawpaya captured Arakan and occupied it in 1784.

It is a landmark story that the Buddha was poured when he was still living, but it was probably poured about six hundred years after his demise, somewhere around 150 AD. Regardless of its origin, the sculpture is revered by pendants - which is reflected in the coating of genuine golden leaves that has grown over the years.

There are six more Khmer bronzes of lion, elephant and warrior artifacts from Angkor Wat in the 15th c...

Come and visit Mandalay on a tailor-made trip.

In Mandalay, if you have little free space, one full working days are enough, especially if you are going to explore the area by cab or rental vehicle with chauffeur. Summary: Mandalay gives you the opportunity to see another side of Burma during your journey. It is the most advanced and populous town in Burma.

Most of the inhabitants are from China, and the town is teeming with them. When I had spent a whole afternoon in town, strolled through the street and visited various monasteries, I rented a cab for the outing. Just outside the town there are many sights that are really deserving to be explored!

There is a convent located directly on a mound with a stunning view over the town. Even further away I got the opportunity to run on the longest wooden teen pole lift in the run. When offering a true trip into the past and you can take around the islands by horse-drawn carriage and discover some unbelievable archeological places.

Summary: Mandalay was Burma's last imperial capital. They' re walking around Twelfth A.M. every day. andalay is the capital of North Burma. My favourite thing was to visit the many historical places in the area, like Legaing Mountain, Inwa and Amarapura. To visit all places in Mandalay and the surrounding area, 3 overnight stays were necessary and sufficient!

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