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andalay is the cultural and Buddhist center of Burma. Mandalay does not quite live up to its romantic and exotic image, but there are a few sights worth seeing. These are my Mandalay attractions. Just over six hours from Mandalay in Nyaungshwe township, you will discover one of Myanmar's most magical attractions. Find out why Shwedagon Pagoda is one of Myanmar's most important tourist attractions.

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Having discovered the astonishing temple of Bagan, I went to Mandalay, Myanmar's second-biggest town. andalay is the economic centre of Oberburma and is regarded as the centre of Burma's cultur. Today there are several routes from Bagan to Mandalay, busses, yachts and even internal flight. Mandalay's first perception was that it's dust.... very dust.

So, how did I spend my time in Mandalay? They need lessons to make the delicate, airy golden sheets that are sent all over the land for the Buddhist faithful. Golden is the offer of Choice in the thousand of Myanmar shrines and Stupa. The golden foliage plays an important part in the worship of Buddha-statures.

I' m here to help the Goldbeaters. The Mandalay is full of handicraft companies, all of which are still run in a very traditional way. Before the Buddhas land somewhere in Myanmar. The most sacred of Mandalay, Maha Muni is the second most sacred place in Myanmar after the Shwedagon in Yangon.

It is a giant building with several gateways and corridors that lead to its centre. That' s where the gilded leafs come into the game. The believers go up the plateau and then grate some of the sheets on the sculpture as offerings - and so do I. This has been going on for hundreds of years and therefore the Buddha is clad with large piles of gild.

Can' even think of the value of all that bullion. Following many walks and bike tours, it was relaxing and unwinding a while. I' d known of a prized convent made entirely of tea-tree. It was just in the run-up to a rainstorm that flooded the roads of Mandalay.

It is the ideal place to visit the convent with its elaborate external woodcarvings. The best thing about Myanmar's kitchen is that you always get a free teapot of it. People in Burma just like to have a cup of coffee and chat with other people. Must-have in Myanmar.

Today Amarapura is a Mandalay town, but for some times it was the capitol of Myanmar. Well-known for its wickerwork in silks and wool, the large Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Convent and the U Bein Bridging, the world's biggest wooden bridges in this area. All I had did was to go to the convent and see the viaduct - the latter even twice.

The U Bein Bridge on a gloomy and overcast night. The bridge on the night of the next morning. On the next morning I went back to Amarapura, where I first stopped at the renowned Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Convent, which also serves as a training centre for young beginners and friars. We needed a while to find his convent, as even my chauffeur did not know exactly where it was.

It was actually a renowned centre for religious contemplation, visited by people from Burma as well as other people. So after a while it was finally the right moment to say goodbye, but not before we took a photo together. Sagaine is a little outside Mandalay and to get there you have to pass the Ayeyarwady River.

Sayaing and especially its famed homonymous mound are one of the major centres of Buddhism in Myanmar. Legaing hill houses more than 600 convents and stupa and more than 6,000 friars and monas. As you ascend you will come across some smaller stupa and shrines and the view gets better and better.

At the top you have a wide panoramic vista of the riverbanks, the bridge of Sgaing and the many churches that populate the city. It' s astonishing and the Soon Oo Ponya Shin Pagoda contributes to the atmoshere. Looking from Legaing Hill. Ayeyarwady Bridge and the Bridge (s) of the saga.

Inner court of the cloister. From Mandalay the boat to Mingun departs every acre around 9am. It' only once a week, so make sure you're on schedule. There is the giant Mingun Pahtodawgyi pit. It would have been the biggest one in the whole wide open if the former emperor hadn't chosen to stop construction.

The Hsinbyume is only 200 metres away. It is very striking in colour - all in pure whiteness and adorned with very elaborate motifs on the outside. I noticed many small things in the picture gallery that made the place even more intriguing. Mingun is the biggest doorbell in the whole wide range.

I didn't seem to like it at first glance, but in the end I really liked Mandalay. There was a big open-air fair with the most exclusive things, a bar with Myanmar draught beers where only the natives watch soccer, a secret place or a kitchen with good and inexpensive meals or even the run-down fitness studio where I trained with the natives.

This was a pleasant period in Mandalay and shortly before leaving for the green.....

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