Mandalay Myanmar Photos

Myanmar Mandalay Photos

Get the perfect Mandalay Myanmar Burma pictures. It is not very attractive and a bit chaotic - but the tourist attractions are good - with the exception of Mandalay Hill, which was not worth the long ups and downs! Sent in Mandalay, Myanmar workers, Mandalay, Myanmar. Myanmar, Mandalay Region: I am a trustworthy and friendly English speaker. Genuine pictures & insider tips about neighborhoods, delicious restaurants, entertainment and unique sights in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Pictures from Mandalay (Myanmar/Burma), one of my favorite cities in the word

From an objective point of view, Mandalay is not so great when it comes to the towns. Those are the kindest and most inviting I' ve ever known. We walked down the road and someone waved at us every 30 seconds, smiled or said: "Hello! In the meantime, just relax and watch these photos. During the Thai Songkran International Bottle Bathing in Bangkok, a man wanted to toss a pail of hot tub soda through a Bangkok coach-door.

Waterproof chaos in Mandalay. In Myanmar Songkran is known as Thingyan. Notice how much road washed. Notice also the tubes that man the men. Now I believe strongly that nothing gives the Myanmar tribe as much pleasure as the soak of the whites they see. Watch the giant band of participants at the aquatic event in the back and then see the amazing balance abilities of this Myanmar lady.

The Buddha says we should get out. That was in one of the temple on the side of Mandalay Hill. This is one of the major temple near Mandalay Hill. View of Mandalay from the top of Mandalay Hill. Unbelievable chow on the streets for only a few bucks apiece.

Unbelievable, all you can eat Myanmar dinner for $2 each. I heard again and again how high the price was before I went to Myanmar, but I think it is probably the least expensive place I have ever been. It is not permitted to use shoes on the premises of a Myanmar sanctuary, so we were barefoot.

The Mahamuni Paya (Golden Temple) contains one of the most sacred pictures of Burma's Buddhism: this gold Buddhist sculpture. ike and I are carrying the longgyi, the classic fabric top hat most of Burma's men use. They were unsuitable for seeing the gold Buddhas.

Like I said, the Mandalay folks were unbelievably kind.

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