Mandalay Myanmar

Myanmar Mandalay

Unlike other Burmese cities, especially Yangon, Mandalay has not grown from a small settlement to a city. One of Myanmar's largest cities, Mandalay was once the capital of the country. Myanmar's historic capital Mandalay has so much to offer. andalay is a city in Mandalay, Myanmar. The Eastern Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Mandalay's main business district.

Activities in Mandalay, Myanmar

The journey to Mandalay will conjure up pictures and thoughts of an Asia of past times: an unspoilt and unspoilt Asia. Mandalay is the second largest town in Myanmar after Yangon and a vast, stuffy town with little charme on the top.

But if you look down and discover Mandalay a little, you will be amazed at how many things there are to do in Mandalay. MNDALAY isn't the best place you'll ever go, and to be honest, I'll probably never go again, but there are many very nice things to do in Mandalay to use your free hours for a days or two.

andalay is a town places folks usually go to to go somewhere else. Mandalay is not so well serviced, although nowadays it is much better off with air travel from a few towns such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Not to be mistaken for Rudyard Kipling's book'The Road to Mandalay' (which he has written after never really visiting Mandalay), the streets to Mandalay are not very good and it is a fairly long journey to Bagan, Yangon or somewhere else outside the former capital around Mandalay itself.

But, as I said, there is a lot to do in Mandalay. Best thing about Mandalay is watching the sun set on Mandalay Hill. It' s stunning and gives you a true sense of a town that is bewildering when you ride around it because it's so wide and shallow.

Visits Royal Mandalay and the Royal Palace. Do not miss. It was reconstructed in the 1990s and is very chilly. Rock up the watch tower for the best view of the castle compound. The Mandalay-Palast is a must for every visitor to Mandalay, both inside and out.

Mahamuni Paya's Golden Buddha is one of the most impressing things in Mandalay. It is not that the Buddha himself is so much more astonishing than other Buddha's and you will see a barrel of it. It' the way how he makes folks respond. Woman are only permitted to participate in the celebrations.

It' definitely a worthwhile journey to see. I' m sure I can't say it, but this nice convent is definitely something for you. It' s fine and very darkness inside, but it will keep you a little chilly in the outdoors! Known as the "City of Immortality", Amarapura was once the capitol of Myanmar.

The longest wooden deck in the world just southwards of Mandalay, this is also a great place to see the sun set and the local people fish in the sea. Going on the pedestrian crossing is an unforgettable adventure. Careful where you kick! As most Myanmar eateries, they specialise in everything, but I had good roasted pasta, some good starters and a Myanmar ale for about $12.

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Mandalay. 1 - 2 working nights is really great in Mandalay. Simply rent a rider and he will show you the way to Mandalay!

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