Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restaurant

Restaurant Mandalay Golden Myanmar

Southeast Asia > Myanmar > Mandalay region > Bagan. Don't miss the opportunity to reserve a table at Mandalay Golden Myanmar in London. A Burmese restaurant at Brondesbury end of Kilburn (formerly Edgware Road). Some Mandalay. There are restaurants in Mandalay in different types and forms.

andalay Myanmar Golden

Mandalay Golden Myanmar, a restaurant I've wanted to go to for almost two years, but ended up shutting down when I planned to visit it! The Mandalay Golden Myanmar has been open for several years and I got to know it through some excellent referrals from people.

I took my wife and daughter and went to Mandalay without even thinking for a second. Celabash (bitter pumpkin) vegetable that has been soaked in dough and fryed - think Pakistan! They were kind and easy, and well combined with the tasty dip sauces.

An invigorating lettuce made from slices of uncooked pepper and gherkin, in a mildly hot sauce, refined with crunchy bulbs and cilantro. This lettuce was fantastic and was a striking addition to the deep-fried appetizers. Juicy, full-bodied shrimps that have been stir-fry with fungi in a aromatic and aromatic curve and covered with virgin cilantro.

It' my favorite net of curries, but I wish the gravy was a little thickier. Brilliant strawberry flavoured tomato-based with sliced tomatoes and a range of herbs. I' had been reading miracles about the Mandalay Golden Myanmar Lambs, especially the Tamira lamb[£8.90] and the pickled lamb[£8.90], so I chose the tamira bark base meal suggested by the waiter.

Obviously I was so determined to eat this famous meal that I had forgotten to take a photo - sorry boys! There was a peel of tender slices of mutton boiled in a slightly sour tamarinds curve and we combined it with virgin cochine flour. Even though the sheep had a good taste, I wasn't really enthusiastic and wished I had perhaps taken the marinated one.

Burmese food (and also a Pakistan nod) with your favourite pasta, coir milks and beef. Shrimps were our favourite chickens, and kindness, this meal went down a miracle with the desk. It was deliciously smooth and smooth with a fine aromatic thrill, the pasta was pleasant and lively, and the minced balls with roasted and seasoned onion rounded off the meal well.

For this reason we have chosen the typical Myanmar puddings with tapioka in coir milks and diced agarage. For 5 persons the bill was around 75, inclusive of beverages and a few pages (parathas, paddy rices and a few pages of grain rice), i.e. £15 each. Eating was good, but there were only a few meals I really noticed: the chaosway and the pepper and gherkin lettuce.

I confess I haven't had Myanmar cooking yet, so I have no reason to compare, but Indian cooking is the best I can imagine, and eating at Mandalay Golden Myanmar has just failed to meet this trusted convenience level. For more information about the Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restaurant click here. Are you looking for other places to eat in Kilburn?

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