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andalay Myanmar Golden

Many thanks for your visit and experience at the Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restaurant. The Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restaurant, London, Greater London. The Mandalay Golden Myanmar restaurant is one of the first restaurants to serve Burmese cuisine in London. Movit has the best routes to Mandalay Golden Myanmar by public transport. Harbors- Mandalay International Airport.

The Mandalay Golden Myanmar | Mandalay Picton House Hotel

At last we are again prepared to delight your taste buds with our genuine Myanmar food in our new and bigger Kilburn High Highway London NW6 2DB on Monday 24.07.2017 from 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00 - 22:00. U Kyaw Zwar Minn, Ambassador of the Union of Myanmar in the United Kingdom, opened the formal re-opening with many Myanmar officials and pious Mandalay people.

So, you're willing to test your gustatory nerves.

Restaurant in Brondesbury, London | Mandalay Golden Myanmar

The Mandalay Strait has been Edgware Rd for almost two centuries, but now it is Kilburn High Rd as the Ally couple have relocated their small, humble restaurante to bigger and better locations. The Mandalay offers a cosy and information services and a cuisine that perfectly reflect the staple foods of Bamar.

Burmese cuisine is influenced by neighbouring India/Bangladesh, China and Thailand and offered at special offers.

Restaurant Mandalay Golden Myanmar - Home - London, United Kingdom - Menu, Rates, Ratings

Beautiful Myanmar meals serviced by people, Tell A Friend! It' s the best one! I' ve been there several time since 2012 and every single time I' ve been there, my desire for Burma cooking has been catered for. It' tasty, inexpensive and amiable. I felt like I was going to see my boyfriend..... or my relatives' home for supper in Myanmar!

Brilliant, a must if you are enjoying Myanmar cooking. Astonishing dinner. This is the place to be if you want to try genuine Myanmar cooking in London! Lucky holidays are back here at Mandalay Golden Myanmar Brondesbury London. Come and savour the exquisite Myanmar flavors on a plate. We' re looking forward to serve you our exquisite Myanmar cooking to give your New Year even more flavor.

Savour our exquisite home cooking by ordering a take-away lunch and get a 10% reduction. So, take your mobile phone in your hand and order your favorite cuisines. The Mandalay Golden Myanmar Restuarant in London announced the advent of TWO Myanmar top favorites, Dagon Premier Bier and non-alcoholic Malta Fresh.

Enter and savour a tasty genuine Myanmar food with exhilarating Myanmar flavor. Select the meals you want for a £20 or more. I wish you a marvelous dinner. Are you looking for an exiting kitchen different from the Christmas dinner? If so, why not arrange your dinner at the Mandalay Golden Myanmar Cafe.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will make a beautiful party for you. We' re looking forward to serve your Myanmar meals in our new and bigger kitchen. Well, if you have not come to savour our exquisite Myanmar cooking in a relaxed ambience. Come by at lunchtime to sample our midday specials or in the evenings to savour our tasty Myanmar cuisines.

We' ll open our eatery again tonight at 6:00 pm to welcome you again, to enjoy our beautiful Myanmar cooking and to spend a pleasant stay in our new area.

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