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Sandalay Food

Hello Mandalay - what are you hungry for? Information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Mandalay Food Products Corporation in Burlingame, CA. Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe - 256 pictures & 534 reviews - Burmese - 930 Bonifant St, Silver Spring, MD - Restaurant Reviews - Phone number - Menu

Obviously I really like Mandalay! When we crave Myanmar food, that's where my grandma comes from! Myanmar food has its own taste and herbs. It' almost like a mixture of Indian, Thai and Asian food. If we come to our house, we order some pasta and some meat and share it.

At Mandalay my favourite are these: the following dishes: Pork belly with Currysauce * Prawns with paprika in Kokosso├če My favourite sweets are the Kokoseis, which is serviced in a Kokosnussschale and the glutinous Reis!

Please also note that the food can become flavorful - so if you can't use it, ask her to keep it mellow. The Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe was my first excursion into Burma's kitchen. Because of Myanmar's location, especially on the border with China, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand, it is no wonder that the food is similar to dinner, but amazingly varied in taste and texture.

With over 500 ratings, there's not much to say except that as this place begins, its old man with a somewhat boring, inconspicuous interiors, felted carpets and the thin movie on desks that results from years of waxing, the Mandalay really does serve tasty food at sensible prizes.

Then the cuisine unloads its specialities from Burma ( We were there one Sunday so we were fortunate enough to order the DanPauk, that's two piece bassati risotto (dark meat) with a traditionally flavored bulb sauerkraut. It was said that the hen had been cooking for several hrs, so it was delicate.

As the chickens actually "melt in the mouth", succulent and well seasoned, with not too much spoon. Also, like the gravy was not too overwhelming with the spice and the bulbs were beautifully toasted. The Nyat KaukSwe Gyaw, a shallow pasta made with pig meat (or chicken), beans, salad, crushed groundnuts and eggs, was also ordered.

Thai influence is obvious here as it reminds me of a less sharp pad lake eew, but I think I like this court better. This pasta tasted like sweets and salt umamis, which I do like. I' m always fond of find family-run "Mom and Dad" places like Mandalay, so I'm sure when I get to Silver Spring city centre I'll come back.

It' s a great meal and has been very well accepted by some of the more discriminating people at my dinner tables. I' had luncheon pasta feature #5 with chick. We will serve our lunches with a sprin roll or a burmesian Samos. They were dainty but tasty and it came with a savoury and aromatic sauces.

So I grabbed all the food for more of the gravy. So don't be afraid if this is a first eating experience for you! One of the few facilities in Burma's DMV region, Mandalay does a great work with its well-prepared facilities, which are unparalleled and thrilling in this part of the game.

Beignet starters were a good beginning with a great chilli and lentil based chef. We' re having a curried chickens luncheon delicacy. We' ve also ordered the lettuce and stomach of pigs from the chef' s team.

You know, we didn't really enjoy the pig gut as much as we'd been hoping. She used to eat chocolate chips out of a shell. There was some coir flesh in there that I could scratch out! Total: 3.5 star How often do you get the opportunity to taste Burma food?

But, of course, the primary cause of going to a place like this is food. It was a good chef's pasta with chickens in peanutsauce. All in all, the food was good, but not good. It may be a question of individual tastes, but I have found that my experiences with Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other South East Asia places have been much more delectable.

I' ve never thought about eating Myanmar food. So I went inside without even thinking what the food would be like. Is it like burgundy or cinnamon? Truly, it is neither one nor the other, although there is a mixture of these tastes - but trying to declare Burma's cuisine as a mixture is inequitable.

They are fairly well spread throughout the meal, but their specialities are strongly based on porc. Several of the meals contain peanuts, similar to Thai food, but many do not. Most of the food was prepared with pig meat, so I picked one and got it in a potato gravy.

It is a tasty deep chocolate browns with aromas of chilli, gingerbread and more. They had steamed the potato in it long enough to absorb the tasty taste. There was a delicate paunch of pig's stomach melting in the palate with an explosion of the taste. Luckily everything was so melting in my throat because it was so tasty that I had forgotten to bite and just chewed it in.

Sara' s food was a flavorful veal sausage. Although I'm usually not a big Curry enthusiast, hers was tasty (since the words "Doppler effect" described me at lunch, I had to try hers). and I couldn't have thought of a better court... until I tried hers. All in all, the employees were kind and supportive, they kept our beverages full, and you could see them talk and joke with many regular customers.

Favourably situated, a few shortcuts from Silver Spring subway station, Mandalay was discreetly full on a Sunday around 6pm. This was the first I tasted Myanmar food, and when Mandalay's meal is a clue, Myanmar cooking is made up of pasta and sides and sides with different curry with vegetable and chickens, pig meat or shellfish.

It really came through and recommended CH11 (tender chickens in a spicy, albeit slightly aqueous vegetable based condiment ) and the Sunday chickens spicy steak (two large chickens wrapped in a delicious, spicy chopped thyme and pickled tomatoes and onions gravy and dressed with a little ricepet. It was not possible to try N06 (flat pasta with bean sprouts and pork), but the one who ordered it really ate it.

To start with, we share SL09 (a well spiced parsley lettuce ) and on the advice of our waiter A03 (the Burmesian deep fry samosas), both of which were great. Dessert was fine - D02 (sticky red biscuit served with dark sugar) was edible and delicious. Unfortunately, D03 (the flavoured chocolate egg ) was freeze-dried and tastes as if the flavoured chocolate based chocolate had gone rotten.

Mandalay is well worth a further look with its generally welcoming, supportive services and a vast choice of well-done, generous portions of Myanmar food. Remark: After a hint of my (Asian) buddies about the seasoning grade I decided for moderately aromatic - I myself didn't think the seasoning grade was so high, but apparently the highest seasoning grade is very, very acrid!

Food: I have to suggest the egg rolls lettuce, for such an interesting taste combinations, and the WetThar (pickled curried mango), why I give this place 5-star. Outstanding food, welcoming, generous ambience, 5/5 without a shadow of a doubt! 5/5! For the first I tasted Myanmar food and got a pasta mix containing different kinds of pasta and veg.

There was an interesting greenish grade on it that I've never tried before. Maybe I'm just not a big fans of Burma's tastes because the place definitely seemed genuine. I got the chocolate cake that came in a small piece of chocolate and had a texture more like shaven frost.

I had a good first taste of Burma cooking. That meal was tasty! They were very kind and very careful when asked about Burma spice, which is not an option for me but respectful for others. I' ll be back to try other tasty products on the meal! It was a disappointment because all the personnel were recommending the food.

Thar Aloo Hin Ame ($14.49) - Sliced beef & slightly fried potatoes in onion-tomato curry. $6.49 CN: Coir ice cream - Coir ice cream in coir shell. Rather, I choose a genuine flavor of freshly prepared coconuts rather than fresh coconuts. Pasta had the thrill of yoghurt gravy.

So if you want to take a rest from the burger and ethnic food, but don't want to miss the spice, try it because not many can say they had genuine Myanmar food. I' d hoped that this place would bring back my taste buds to the exquisite flavours of Burma.

When you are looking for a mixture of Thai and Mandarin with a touch of Myanmar, this place is okay. When you are looking for genuine people from Burma, you will be upset. Meals to order: - KyarZan Hingar (S01) - Pasta broth with mushroom, bean curd, chicken und fiscake. - Noodles at ambient with curry chickens, cabbages, coriander and peanuts from Burma.

Unsuggested: - WetThar KaYann Thee Hin (P04) - Eggplants and beef. - ( "Tofu Ohnno Hin", V13) - Tofu boiled with coir curve sauces. Serve over paddy rices. - KyetThar ThaYetThee Hin (CH13) - Chicken with marinated beans. WetThar ThaYetThee Hin Gericht (pork pieces with marinated mango) is perfect if you like hot.

I' ve been looking on-line for prescriptions and a few other places in Burma, but this mystical crap food only seems to be here from what I can tell you. An exquisite delicate half hen slowly boiled in a tasty syrup with a hint of fried onions, perhaps hazelnut, over an habit-forming cocco-ry.

It has the right mix of sweetened, acidic, salty, aromatic and aroundami. It is usually obtained mellow or moderately tangy, but every degree of pungency congratulates the bone-licking aroma well. Before our boy was even borne, I was a big Mandalay buff. The last place I had dinner before going into labour was Mandaly, to say how much I was a chuck.

There are the waiter, who are always right at the back of the car when the jar becomes short, and then there is the tasty food! While we like aubergine cookies, roasted mushroom rices with pig bellies, octopus salads and a few other favourites, we also like to discover new things.

Almost forward to now, with my little boy, we still like Mandalay and now for other reason. If you sit they always put a synthetic covering on the infant floors where infants are going to eat, they act super quick and get you out the full jummy food before infant starts melting down.

Some of my go-to places in Silver Spring didn't pass the toddlers' test, but are happy that Mandalay has risen up in this respect too!

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