Mandalay Bus Station

Bus station Mandalay

Somebody tell me the name of the bus stop. The Mandalay's main bus station is located south of the city. The Kywel Sel Kan Bus Station is the main bus station in Mandalay and is also called Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Bus Station. Here's the thing with Myanmar's bus station: There is no organization at all!

The Mandalay Bus Station - Myanmar Forum?

The Kywe Se Kan bus station. It' pretty far from there to Peacock Lodge. Taxis charges you about 10,000 Kyats. If not, take a motorcycle taxicab and it costs about 2,500 Kyats. Thanks for the proper information about the bus station. Have a look at Google Map and enter it in the name of Peacocks Lodge, it takes only 10 minutes by cart.

As you say, the motorcycle taxis are a good alternative and much less expensive. We strongly recommend that you make a booking at Peacock Lodge a.s.a.p. as this seems to be always fully occupied. I' ve even asked a buddy in Asia to make a reservation for me, but it's even hard for them to ask.

I' m thinking I'll go out with a self-addressed self-addressed self-addressed envelop and try to mail it in. It' already difficult enough to get in touch with Peacock Lodge! Yes, I was able to make a reservation through the Royal Guesthouse. Thank you for the information about the bus station! When driving from Yangon, remember that the night bus comes to Mandalay very early.

It' getting dim and many cabbies want you to use their service:). The Peacock Lodge is a really beautiful place. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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There is no bicycle hire at the bus station! There you can hire motorcycles, tuk tuk or taxi. Bicycle parking-charges? There are no fees and no meter in Mandalay, it's not like Bali. Mandalay is only one motorcycle hire centre for larger motorcycles. It is far away from Central Yangon and to be quite frank, it would be quite rough to drive there, as the transport is very heavy.

You can take a mini bus from the bus station to Sule Pagoda, Downtown Yangon for $1 or 1000k yat. But I didnt find too much nasty in the broad roads in the middle. Coming to Mandalay, you can hire a motorcycle at the entrance.

Mandalay has no bicycle park. Mortar bicycles or taxis can be hired. There is a possibility to go on a full excursion in Mandalay. Incidentally, how much does the Tok Touk cost from the bus station in Mandalay (Kywsekan Bus Station) and the other way round, if I have to take the bus to Bagan at 7am the next morning?

Just get the hotel rate for tukuk or cab, taxis should be about $6, tukuk should be smaller.

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