Mandalay Bus

The Mandalay bus

Mandalay Bus is a kind of Canberra icon and is often open late into the night for locals. 27 hour bus ride from Mandalay to Bangkok I have to go back to civilisation last weekend when my Myanmar journey was over (read: cheaper place with high speeds internet). And so I chose to go to Bangkok. I was in Mandalay, a town in the centre of Myanmar, so of course it's far away from everywhere.

So I decided to take the bus in the name of the book's compensation. I quickly asked the front desk of the place where I lived and asked for the bus from Mandalay to the Myanmar-Thailand border: Said MMK 25,000 (about $22), left Mandalay at 6pm and arrived in Myawaddy at 10am.

Goodbye, I gave him the cash and he gave me the tickets. I was at MMK 3000 and 40 min. later in the Mandalay bus station in the south. Here is the Myanmar bus station thing: There is no organisation at all! Everything the Myanmar authorities make available to Myanmar's citizens is just a small area.

Quite literally. No. There' s a bunch of bus operators in the kiosk, and each of them just builds a cabin somewhere in this country. Shwie Mandalar. Bus crew was checking my tickets and taking care of my luggage, then I went on board. Here is the miracle of the bus station in Myanmar. Contrary to the state of the terminals, the busses were really new and in a great state.

A few hrs later we approached the new Myanmar capital: What's terrible about Myanmar's bus trip is that you only have 20 mins time. So I just used the bathroom and was waiting to hug my bus. The only problem with virtually ALL the bus trips I've made everywhere is that they always adjust the A/C to the minimum and the fan to the maximum.

When the bus got to the bus station (I mean, bus station), I went a little to the frontier itself. At first I was looking for a currency exchanger, but any currency exchanger there will not be able to do so. And to make matters even more serious, Kyat cannot be sold outside Myanmar. So, my Kyat is now empty until I return to Myanmar.

When you cross the boarder, there is a small house with a "foreigner" shield on Myanmar's side. Since my Kiev will not be useful to me outside, I just gave them everything of my little Kiev. Arrived on the Thai side, I have to change to the lefthand side, because Myanmar uses the right side, the back of Thailand, and comes to the migration area.

Only THB 20 to the bus station Mae Sot. I' d miss the bus station without him. It was normal for me to get a first glimpse of the bus station! I went quickly to the ticketing desk and asked for a bus to Bangkok. First they showed me to take the mini van to Nakhon Sawan, then another one to Bangkok.

Well THB 200 later I got my tickets to Nakhon Sawan. At the bus station in Nakhon Sawan I was immediately welcomed by a Thai woman who knew what she was doing: bringing people to Bangkok. This was THB 170 for another 4 hour mini van trip. Between Nakhon Sawan and Bangkok there was nothing interesting again, except that after a whole weeks without a convenience shop I saw a great deal of 7-11.

I got droped off by the bus station in Bangkok Mo Chit.

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